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Editorial: City should re-consider ban on personal medical marijuana cultivation

–At the Jan. 5 Paso Robles City Council meeting, the council unanimously voted to ban personal medical marijuana cultivation within city limits. The state adopted […]Full Article

Is there a Santa Claus?

–”Is There a Santa Claus?” reprinted from the September 21, 1897, number of The New York Sun– Dear editor, I am 8 years old. Some […]Full Article

Girl writes Santa asking for expansion of Boys and Girls Club

–Kiana, an 8-year-old girl who is a member of the San Luis Obispo County Boys and Girls Club, wrote the following letter to Santa this […]Full Article

Letter: I oppose the proposed Templeton mental health facility

To the editor, –Regarding the proposed 91 bed acute care mental health facility proposed for the community of Templeton; I am in opposition to this […]Full Article

Write your legislators

When you’ve got an opinion to share, you are welcome to send us a letter to the editor. We also encourage you to write the […]Full Article

Letter: Lady Liberty modeled on Muslim woman

To the editor, –Those agitated by what Bill O’Reilly of Fox News calls “The Dramatic Muslim Invasion” may find a soothing tonic in the history […]Full Article

Monthly update from Mayor Steve Martin

By Steve Martin Mayor of Paso Robles –Holiday tree-lighting? Where did that year go? The annual event in Paso Robles’ historic downtown City Park was a […]Full Article

Letter: Disturbing trend in rhetoric from water district opponents

To the editor, I am the chairman of PRAAGS (the Paso Robles Agricultural Alliance for Groundwater Solutions), but I am submitting this letter as a […]Full Article

Letter: You were already cheated out of two voting opportunities

To the editor: –A recent letter to the editor expressed the concern that Supervisor Arnold’s vote against pushing forward with a public vote on the […]Full Article

Letter: Why did supervisor vote against holding water board election?

To the editor, –On Nov.10th, District 5 Supervisor Debbie Arnold voted against holding elections to create and fund a water district in the Paso Robles […]Full Article
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