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Central Coast Propane introduces new tank monitoring technology 

New propane reading technology from North American Satellite Corp, called Skytracker, an instrument that reads tank levels, is sure to improve efficiency and safety for clients of Central Coast Propane in Paso Robles, says company owner Brent Wingett.

Central Coast PropanePASO ROBLES – Central Coast Propane, a local business providing propane in Paso Robles for the last 21 years, is currently working on a project to install a new type of tank reading technology. This instrument collects data on tank level and usage and sends the information back to Central Coast Propane via satellite.

“We can now monitor our customers’ propane levels remotely for them,” comments Wingett. “This allows us to schedule more appropriate tank refills, as well as increase our awareness on the state of each tank.”

At the same time, Central Coast Propane is updating its Degree Day Routing software to work together with the tank monitors and to better anticipate upcoming deliveries for those customers that choose to not take advantage of remote tank monitoring.

With safety being a major concern in the propane industry, Central Coast Propane is pleased to offer a new technology that helps to monitor the tanks. The meters transmit alarms on propane irregularities such as sudden drops in volume or low levels. This can be extremely helpful when the homeowner experiences a power outage and the house switches to generator power, in which case the generator is using propane. In emergency situations like this, it is particularly beneficial to both the homeowner and the supplier to be well informed of propane levels.

Skytracker will not only increase safety, but efficiency as well. Now both buyer and supplier will have the most accurate information on propane levels. By knowing exact propane levels, and the usage pattern, Central Coast Propane will be able to send trucks only when needed. “We expect this technology to allow us to better serve our customers by cutting down unnecessary costs and increasing safety and efficiency through data collection,” says Wingett.

With the introduction of Skytracker, Central Coast Propane shows its commitment not only to its customers but to innovation as well.

About Central Coast Propane

Central Coast Propane is a county-wide San Luis Obispo propane company that provides complete sales and service including residential, commercial and agricultural service. The offer installation of above ground or underground tanks, as well as underground gas lines. They provide full service to wineries, propane forklift fleets and propane Autogas fleets. They service southern Monterey County, all of San Luis Obispo County and northern Santa Barbara County.

Central Coast Propane
6260 Monterey Rd
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 237-1001


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