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Chilina Law Firm now offers counseling to small and medium sized businesses of the Central Coast 

Gregory J. Chilina, co-owner of Chilina Law Firm in Atascadero, California, is an experienced business attorney who advises and handles a wide range of business-related legal issues for small to medium sized businesses

Greg Chilina

Greg Chilina

The Chilina Law Firm announced this week that they are now offering business law services in San Luis Obispo County. Business law is a new speciality practice of the Chilina Law Firm. Located in Atascadero, California, Chilina Law Firm brings a unique approach to advising and handling business-related legal matters for its business clients. Gregory J. Chilina, Attorney at Law, is an experienced business attorney who is knowledgeable, approachable, reasonable, and professional – qualities that are crucial when dealing with business clients.

“When looking to hire an attorney for business related legal issues, it is important to find an attorney that focuses on business law and has had previous business experience or background,” said Chilina. “The reason for this is that business legal issues typically span more than just one area of the law. An example would be a business contract dispute may have tort, contract, commercial, and debtor-creditor legal issues within the one dispute. As such, a business attorney needs to be able to apply many areas of the law to obtain a practical solution for the business client. Also, a business legal issue may require advising a business client about a balance between risks versus reward. A business attorney who has such previous business experience or background can reasonably assess the balance between risks versus reward and find a practical solution for the business client.”

Attorneys with business law & litigation experience

Chilina, co-owner and shareholder of the Chilina Law Firm alongside Karen J. Chilina, Attorney at Law, said that “there are times when business related disputes are not settled and go to trial. Because of this, it is important to look for an attorney who not only practices general business law but also has litigation experience,” added Chilina.

Tips on starting a new business in California

When starting a business in California, Chilina says the most important decision for the owner to make is which type of entity to choose. The most common types of business entities formed in California are:

  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships

Chilina said the decision of which type of business entity to choose should be based on the nature and complexity of the business and should include, at minimum, an assessment of the following:

  • Tax consequences
  • Owner liability
  • Protection of owner’s personal assets

Debtor-creditor and debt collection law

In addition to helping business owners set up and maintain their businesses, Chilina has extensive experience with matters pertaining to debtor-creditor law. He often represents business owners facing financial difficulties and those that need help collecting on a debt that is due.

“Collection of debts and negotiating debt repayment can be a tricky business where the wrong tactical decision can cost the client quite a bit of money,” said Chilina. “Counsel should always be obtained to review a legal matter in the area of debtor-creditor and debt collection.”

More about Greg Chilina, Attorney at Law

A member of the American Bar Association Business Law Section and the California Bar Business Law Section, Chilina has extensive business knowledge and experience. For close to two decades, he worked in business banking and lending. Chilina holds a Juris Doctorate and a Bachelor of Science in Economics.

Chilina represents a variety of businesses in San Luis Obispo County including closely held corporations, limited liability companies and various types of partnerships. He also conducts legal work for various Central Coast based non-profit corporations such as 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) corporations.


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