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Cities ask pet owners to scoop the poop 

SLO-Scoops-PoopIn an effort to satisfy state stormwater regulations and improve water quality in our local waterways, several Central Coast communities associated with the Central Coast Partners For Clean Water have embarked on a public outreach campaign that targets priority water quality issues. On Nov. 24 the participating communities are kicking-off the “SLO Scoops Poop” campaign.

“SLO Scoops Poop” is a county-wide campaign to protect public health, our local waterways, and our beautiful Central Coast landscape. The mission is simple… “to get dog owners to pick up after their dogs every stinkin’ time,” says a press release from the organization. “Every time you’re walking your dogs on trails, through local parks, or your neighborhoods remember to pick up your dog’s poop and dispose of it properly.” This alsovincludes accumulated dog poop in your yards.

When dog and other pet waste is left on the ground, not only is it smelly and unsightly, but it poses a health risk for other animals and people. In addition, unattended (or “orphan”) poop during rains can contribute harmful bacteria – giardia, roundworm, viruses, and other parasites – to our local waterways. No one wants to swim in waterways that are polluted with harmful bacteria, especially fish and other aquatic life.

“SLO Scoops Poop” has selected eight different project locations in each participating community. The project locations are identified at Each of the eight designated project locations has either a checkered or pink flag. These flags identify and represent the number of orphan poops that have the ability to impact public health and our local waterways. In addition, each of the 8 designated project locations contains a unique treasure container – “canine cache”, the group says.

Visit to find GPS coordinates and hints to find a cool pooch prize.

SLO Scoops Poop participants

  • City of Paso Robles
  • City of Atascadero
  • City of San Luis Obispo
  • San Luis Obispo County
  • City of Morro Bay
  • City of Pismo Beach
  • City of Arroyo Grande
  • City of Grover Beach



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