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City council adopts roadside memorial program 

Example of an approved roadside memorial.

Example of an approved memorial.

The Paso Robles City Council voted Tuesday to approve a new roadside memorial program. It will allow grieving family members of individuals who have lost their lives on city road ways to memorialize their loss.

roadside memorial

Roadside memorials like this are not allowed in Paso Robles.

The program allows family members to request a standardized memorial street sign be placed for $285 and remain in place for two years. The signs, which will be installed by the city workers, will be 12 inches by 15 inches with crimson background and white letters. The signs will read “In Memory of” followed by the name of the deceased.

Only one sign will be installed per accident. Multiple victim names may appear on the sign. Love ones would need to coordinate for single sign content. A memorial sign will only be installed in a residential neighborhood with the written permission of the resident whose property abuts the street where the memorial is to be placed.

According to city staff, the program was designed to eliminate the driver distractions of impromptu memorials and avoids the danger to family members who might otherwise gather at roadside locations where it is not safe to do so.

Traditional memorials consisting of signage, flowers, balloons, ribbons, or other materials, are not allowed within street rights-of-way. The city attempts to notify anyone placing a nonstandard memorial in a street right-of-way to remove it, according to a city staff report. If a non-standard memorial is deemed to be a traffic hazard by the city’s public works director, it may be removed immediately, otherwise it will be removed in seven days, the report says.

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