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5 days of storms leave 3.13 inches of rain 

Click here for current Paso Robles Rainfall totals

The city received 3.13 inches of rainfall from the storm over the past week, according to daily precipitation records kept by city staff at the downtown Paso Robles Water Yard at 1230 Paso Robles St.

  • .76 inches of rain on Thursday
  • .70 inches of rain on Friday
  • 1.05 inches of rain on Saturday
  • .57 inches of rain on Sunday
  • .05 inces of rain on Monday
how much rain did Paso Robles get

A pool of water fills the intersection of 6th and Pine streets today near the US Post Office.

The precipitation over the past five days brings the total rainfall for the season to almost five inches. The season runs from July to June.

Over the weekend, the storm drains along Pine Street filled up leaving a deep pool of water at 6th and Pine streets this morning. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected today and into the evening, with an 80-percent chance of rain on Saturday, according to the Weather Channel.

The redesign of 21st Street, which is still under construction, cannot yet divert the water flowing down the street. On Friday and Saturday the channel through the center of the street was relatively empty, while water flowed like a river down the street. It should be avoided by drivers. See related story: 21st Street renovation to absorb storm water.

A rainbow over the La Quinta Inn filled the sky late Saturday afternoon.

A wide rainbow over the La Quinta Inn in Paso Robles filled the sky late Saturday afternoon.

The renovation of 21st Street in Paso Robles is underway and set to be completed this spring. The project will improve 21st Street and minimize storm water impacts locally and downstream. The city has trenched the middle of the road and installed cobble stones. This area will carry run‐off water during a storm in lieu of pipes. The side slopes of the median will be planted with landscaping.

Much of the landscape along 21st Street will be specially designed to slow, clean, and infiltrate stormwater. These landscapes, called bioretention areas, may look like standard planters, but the surface grades (concave to fill like a bathtub), soil mix, and specialized plants make them high-performance landscapes. They are green infrastructure systems that mimic nature to provide flood control, improved water quality, and groundwater recharge within the structure of an urban street.

Flooding on N Street in San Miguel

San Miguel flooding

Water gathers on N Street, just south of River Road in downtown San Miguel at 11 a.m. on Saturday.

Storm takes down tree on the old Highway 101

storm downs tree

A pine tree fell across the old Highway 101 and blocks the entrance to the Rios-Caledonia Adobe in San Miguel. This section of road is part of the original highway was used by stage coaches traveling El Camino Real. Submitted photo.

Lake Nacimiento live cam shows a lake in need

Lake Nacimiento level

The marina docks at Oak Shores are stranded in the mud Saturday morning on the shore of Lake Nacimiento as much needed rain begins to fill the lake a little. The lake is currently at 21-percent capacity.

Watch the live cam here:

Lake San Antonio looking more like a pond

Rain coming to Paso Robles

Lake San Antonio looks more like a pond last week at about 3-percent capacity. Photo by Tom Seidel.

Atascadero Lake gets some much-needed rainfall

Paso Robles Daily News reader Rick Evans shared this photo of desperately low Atascadero Lake getting some rainfall on Friday.

Reader Rick Evans shared this photo of desperately low Atascadero Lake getting some rainfall on Friday.

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5 Responses to 5 days of storms leave 3.13 inches of rain

  1. James

    How about a picture of, and an article on, the dismal failure of that waste-of-money on 21st Street?

  2. John Hardisty

    Israel has invested heavily in De-Sal of seawater. They have even developed small moveable De-sal plants that could easily take care of Morro Bay’s water needs. As for the vineyards in our county,they are still using Drip-Irrigation Tech that was developed in the 50’s/60’s,that was also developed in Israel. Today’s Israeli drip irrigation is light years ahead of what is in use here in SLO County. Israel has even developed systems that collect over night dew-condensation that is directed towards each individual vine or tree. Even in the desert. Oh why innovate, when water is so cheap here?? At least until it is gone.. I am sure that the Israelis would love to sell their new water technology to us.

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