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Editorial: Vote to fix Paso Robles Roads 

As we all know, there are many roads in Paso Robles that are in poor condition and they need to be fixed. Fortunately, in 2012 the citizens voted for a half-cent sales tax increase which has been put to work fixing our roads. I have been impressed with the road improvements that have been completed with this money including roads in my neighborhood. Thank you! Additionally, the money was well managed and supervised by a Citizen’s Oversight Committee. Unfortunately, it is not enough to do all the improvements that need to be made. That is why I am supporting Measures K-18 and N-18 to help fill the gap and invest more money in improving our roads.

Measure K-18 will establish a half-cent sales tax to fund maintenance and repair our streets and sidewalks. It is estimated that Measure K-18 will raise about $4.75M per year. That will do a lot for our roads! It is a small cost to pay. It is only 50 cents on $100 of taxable purchases. 100-percent of the money collected will be used in the City of Paso Robles. Measure K-18 requires that the money spent be managed by a Citizen’s Oversight Committee in the same way the 2012 measure is managed. This has clearly worked and is a very transparent process. The city regularly updates the citizens on the progress and future plans.

Measure N-18 is the companion measure to K-18 advising the current and future City Councils that the money raised by Measure K-18 be spent on repairing and maintaining roads and sidewalks within the City of Paso Robles.

I believe this is a small price to pay to improve our roads. The city has demonstrated a high degree of responsibility and success with the monies generated from the 2012 tax measure.
Please vote yes on K-18 and N-18.

Thank you,

Larry Werner
Paso Robles Resident