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Google Glass tours Paso Robles 

Google Glass in Paso Robles

New high-tech gizmo makes tour of SLO County

A former Paso Robles resident and current employee from the Googleplex made a visit here last weekend and showed off Google Glass in Paso Robles.

Google Glass is an augmented reality head-mounted display that looks like a pair of glasses. It presents information in smartphone-like format. It’s hands-free and can interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands.

Eric Hubbs is a Global Google Display Network Specialist who once worked for Collaboration Business Consulting here in San Luis Obispo. He came down to attend the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner and brought a pair of unusual looking glasses.

Hubbs is one of 100 lucky Google employees conducting beta testing on the new device. He entered a contest with a 50-word essay about what he would do with it. He wrote that he would wear it everywhere. And he is…

Glass is shaped like a pair of glasses without lenses. It fastens to the front of your forehead with over the ear side bars and two traditional nose pieces, just like a pair of spectacles. It looks a little geeky, but not as much as I expected it to. I think it will be the ‘new normal’ in a couple of years.

Out in front of your right eye is a small glass block with a prism inside that projects a television screen image. The right hand-side of the device is wider and thicker than the left. It holds the battery and various controls. The device is thin, light and feels a bit fragile.

The screen appears smaller than I expected it to. It looks a bit like a 42″ big screen TV mounted on a wall 12 feet in front of you to the upper right. The resolution is relatively low. The visual interface is more like an iPod Nano than a smart phone. But still, it’s an amazing technology.

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