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Is man accused of killing Nancy Woodrum an illegal alien? 

This newspaper has received calls and messages from local readers asking if the man accused of killing Nancy Woodrum is an illegal alien.

Carlo Fuentes

Fuentes Flores was arrested for murder, was booked and is presently in custody in the County Jail.

In one example, a reader asks, “Has it been established as to whether Nancy Woodrum’s thief/rapist/killer is an illegal alien? I have not seen any news coverage on this very important question. If you know the answer/find out, please inform the public. If you do not know the answer, please do the research. It is the duty of the news to investigate the whole story and report it.”

Carlo Alberto Fuentes Flores, 42, has been charged in the murder of Nancy Woodrum of Paso Robles, and has pleaded not guilty. He was arrested in December in connection with her disappearance. She was last seen alive in May.

Fuentes Flores is a legal resident of the United States, according to a former employer. “I do know, for a fact, that Carlo was legal,” the former employer says. A second source, a relative of Fuentes Flores, also confirmed his status as a legal resident.

Fuentes Flores has worked for several years in North County as a painter and handyman.

The office of San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow declined to confirm whether or not Fuentes Flores is a legal resident. “Unfortunately, we cannot release that information at this time,” says Sophia S. Mathews, Dow’s executive assistant. “I will contact you as soon as this information becomes available.”

Watch for updates, in the event more information becomes available.

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