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Letter: Another tax increase? 

Letter to the editor paso robles daily news

To the editor, 

On January 11th, this newspaper ran an editorial written by Mayor Martin outlining his vision and his plans.

In that editorial he states:
“The City of Paso Robles currently spends about $6-million per year on street repairs. To accelerate that process significantly will require new revenue sources. We will endeavor to keep our citizens informed of these needs and trust they will supply the resources needed to produce the service levels they desire.”

So there it is. He “trusts they will supply the resources.” I read that for exactly what it is; an advance warning of what will surely be proposed for this next 2020 ballot.

The voters rejected the last proposed tax increase because they did not feel like the city was using the previously approved increase for its promised purpose(s).

So now, just wait. The city will continue to blame the citizens for bad roads and undone infrastructure repairs because we rejected their proposed tax increase.

That reasoning will be their argument to come back to the table and ask us again for more money to finish what was promised.

This is what people hate about government. We hate that you ask, we give, you fail, we forgive, you ask again, we say no, you then blame us for your failure. The whole process is nothing short of blackmail. Blackmail of the citizens to either keep on giving in to your demands or suffer the consequences.

So here’s a thought. How about the city be a better steward of my money? How about you take the monies already awarded and do what was promised? You found the money to screw up 13th street. You found the money to screw up the downtown parking. You found the money to fund every tourist-centered endeavor proposed, with the threat that if we didn’t participate, the town would wither and die from lack of exposure.
You’ll tell me these monies are not project-interchangeable. I’ll tell you to figure it out!

You find the money to do what you want to do, now find the money for what you should do. And don’t come back to me for more until you do.

Jan Albin
Concerned citizen of Paso Robles 


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