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Letter: Canceling 24 hours away from first graduation is crushing to seniors 

Letter to the editor paso robles daily news

To the editor,

I’m a current PRHS senior and just wanted to voice my opinion on the irrational decision of the PRJUSD School Board. From the very beginning, I was supportive of the board’s decisions given the unforeseen world-changing events at hand. But for the PRJUSD School Board to hold an “emergency” meeting less than 24 hours away from the first group that’s sent to graduate to decide on whether or not to have somewhat of a graduation for my class of 2020.

They ultimately decided not to continue forth with the original plan to hold small group ceremonies. The lack of care of the School Board has been shown. Plus they didn’t even bother to include a student voice in the decision. I was set to graduate at War Memorial field on July 8. The board has been stringing us along and has now crushed what little piece that was left of our senior year.

Throughout my four years at PRHS I have done so much for not only the school but for the district as a whole. Ultimately I feel as if I was spit in the face and told I’m not worth the time nor the energy to be given somewhat of a graduation. To sum it up I’m disgusted by the actions taken by the board and let down I feel as if they only cared about themselves in the end even though the district had set everything up to the county health departments/experts guidelines.


Spencer Degnan
Paso Robles

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