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Letter: Local farmers attempt to obtain cannabis permit with Board of Supervisors 

letter to the editor

In response to “Denied Creston cannabis project will be appealed at hearing”

–On Tuesday Sept. 14 starting at 9 a.m., Creston locals are appealing a denied Minor Use Permit by Planning and Building with the County Board of Supervisors.

We have been in the permitting process for close to four years with the county. Meeting requirements, environmental studies and paying serval hundreds of thousand of dollars to ensure the farm is both executed legally and safe for the Creston and surrounding communities.

Attempts to educate the community on cannabis farming by attending Creston Advisory Board meetings we were shocked to have been met with a hostile environment by locals. Exclaiming that I “am not a local,” when in fact I have lived in the community for over 26 years. Countless times I have been there to help my Creston neighbors with support on things such as taking care of livestock down to well repair. Without being able to have a fireside chat with CAB after multiple attempts, it appears the community only knows the non-fact checked narrative provided by the newly formed “Creston Community Alliance.” Those in the community who do support the farm are too afraid to speak up in fear of being ostracized by their neighbors.

We have been on this journey with the county and have been growing cannabis under Prop 215 without any of the problems our opposition speaks of. No crime, no traffic, no pesticide drift, no smell. The only difference now is they know our address due to it being public records with the county.

As of July 2021, CAB and the Creston Community Alliance have restructured areas within Creston and the outlying towns as a “cannabis grow free zone” when this should have gone through due process and proper legislation while they were writing the ordinance years ago. We have made change after change to the project to meet the concerns of the Creston community in order to appease the false information they have been receiving. We aren’t “large commercial growers” as referenced by our opposition. Farming a mere two acres on an 80 acre parcel with an adjoining 80 acres to have an even greater off set.

We have helped out the Creston community countless times and would appreciate having support for our project.

Blaine Hansen

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