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Letter: PRAAGS does not represent everyone 

Dear editor,

I would appreciate you publishing my response to PRAGGS regarding ‘Locals respond to basin adjudication advocate“.

As a North County residence I would like to make a very accurate, clear & truthful statement: ‘PRAAGS does not represent all the residents and irrigated agricultural interests of the North County’ as Mr. Reaugh & Ms. Luft has stated and wants the general public to believe. It’s a misleading and deceptive statement. I challenge PRAAGS to disclose exactly how many residents or agricultural entities they really represent. I do know without a doubt ‘they do not represent me or my neighbors and for that matter anyone I associate with’.

The true resolve of our water district issues can only be accomplished through the use of adjudication. This has evolved into a very political issue and common sense individuals know the consequences when politicians get involved with local issues. I strongly encourage all North County residents to join me and many others in supporting the ‘Quiet Title’ action being put forth by Ms. Cindy Steinbeck.

Get involved North County residents! There’s a lot at stake and to sit on the sideline and watch will only result in letting others decide what is right for you rather than you choosing what’s right for yourselves.

Claude J. Demers

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