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Local entrepreneur Reilly Newman featured in Nigerian Tribune 

Reilly Newman of Paso Robles featured in Nigerian Tribune:

“I was 16 when I started my company” – Reilly Newman

Reilly Newman

Reilly Newman of Paso Robles.


Reilly Newman owns Reilly Newman & Company, which he started at the age of 16. RUTH OLUROUNBI and the 21-year-old had a conversation on how he pursued his dream and how he’s now living it. Born in Ukiah, California, he moved to Auburn and made his way to Paso Robles where he attended Paso Robles High School. He currently resides in California, where he oversees his business, while making sure that he relaxes by spending time with loved ones (his dogs inclusive) over coffee.

As an American designer, entrepreneur, and creative professional, what makes you tick?
What make me tick are the opportunities I’m given to enable people to do what they love. When working with clients, I use strategic design that is embedded with purpose to further my client’s brand and vision. Design is much deeper than the way things appear and we take great pride in our expertise to enable our clients to expand their business while improving the health of their brand for current purposes and years to come through our creative solutions.

You are an identity designer. What exactly is that about and why do organisations need them?
Identity is an important portion of a complete brand. With a proper identity, we know what it takes to expand a business and brand in an efficient manner. Organisations would be wise to concentrate on their identity for this is their “face” they choose to show to their consumers and prospects. We work with our clients’ identities while developing and positioning their brands for further success.

How do your ideas, design, and strategy help bring life to your clients’ visions?
Bringing life to my clients’ visions through ideas, design, and strategy is one of the greatest privileges I have as a creative professional. Using these components, we work with our client’s vision, wants, and needs to provide a clear path for their brand to prosperously grow. Once the brand foundation is properly developed and positioned, our client’s vision will be able to have life. By listening to our clients and using our creative experience and expertise, we are able to create an atmosphere for their brand that has their vision, wants, and needs as the solid core.

Obviously you’re not the only entrepreneur in the US. What have been the qualities that stand you out as a Brand Strategist and Manager?
Yes, the entrepreneur trend has been growing rapidly these last couple of years, I remember when people didn’t even know what “entrepreneur” meant. The qualities that I have are both professional and personable. I work hard to listen to my clients and really understand where they are and where they want to be. With integrity, I can stick to my word and be a hard working professional who raises the bar at every opportunity. When working with a client, I care for their business and future while appreciating their trust they put in my skill set, vision, and advice.

How have you carved a niche for yourself?
My niche is based solely on my reputation, work ethic, and expertise. My name has become more popular as people work with me and spread it through word of mouth. It’s extremely encouraging that through trust, integrity, and hard work a niche can be developed that is made just for me and my associates.

How long have you known you had passion for designs and when did you decide to pursue it full time as a career?
I was 15 years old when I started to work with my own clients. I decided to pursue it as a career due to my love for design, detail, and dreams. The demand I received continued to grow as my client base solidified.

Why did it take so long?
It has been a solid five years; I believe the best things happen over time. I wouldn’t have wanted my career or brand to develop any other way.

What were you doing before starting your career?
Before my career, I was involved with leadership, art, athletics, and technology.

What have been the stumbling blocks across your path and how have you used them as stepping stones?
I’ve been living my dream since my very first clients. Opportunities have come which I’ve been blessed to be a part of and stumbling blocks have come as well. Some hurdles would be clients doubting me due to my age when I was a teenager or having to learn the ways of business and my industry. These hurdles have only been ways for me to grow as a professional and better serve my client base.

I learnt you worked with clients and exercised several undertakings; all while being mentored by world class magnates, professionals, and designers in your sophomore year in high school. How did you combine school work with entrepreneurship?
Combining school work with entrepreneurship was a complex blend of discipline, passion, curiosity, and hard work. This trained me to manage my time even though I was class president, 4.0 student, running a business, bookkeeping, selling my own products, art director of a Nationally recognised school newspaper, and on varsity sports teams.

What was your first breakthrough job? And what was the experience like for you.
My first client was teacher at school who needed a poster designed. This experience was a huge breakthrough for me as a 15 year old professional and the opening of many more doors.

It is believed that the waiting is most killing for entrepreneurs. What were the tools that got you through the most trying times?
I would not waste a single moment. When having to wait, I’d plan, work, and take action. The encouragement from family, friends, and clients really helped me get through rough times.

How do you advise entrepreneurs who want in into the design industry?
All entrepreneurs must be willing to face facts, be professionally resourceful, and take risks.

Do you have any regrets?
I don’t have a single regret. Everything happens for a reason.

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