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Local falconer looking for lost hawk 

missing hawk Paso Robles

Redtail hawk missing from the Sleepy Hollow neighborhood

–On Thursday, Garrett Wilson of Paso Robles was loading his three and half year old hawk, Noodle, into his truck when the hawk flew off. “That’s not unusual,” said Wilson. “But he usually comes right back.” This time a territorial wild hawk chased Noodle causing him to fly out of sight, he said.

Noodle is a Redtail hawk, missing from the Sleepy Hollow area near Creston and Charolais roads. The hawk is wearing long tethers, or straps, that would look like he’s carrying a snake while flying or perched somewhere.

Wilson said Noodle is the first raptor he owned and trained when he started falconry three years ago. Noodle has been with Wilson since the bird was six months old.

Noodle will most-likely remain in the same general area and Wilson is asking the community to keep an eye out and call him when sighted. Do not try to capture the hawk. Even though he is trained, he should only be handled by an experienced falconer. Hawks have razor-sharp talons and can cause serious injury.

If sighted, call Garrett’s father, Tim Wilson at (805) 674-4942.

How to recognize a Redtailed hawk

Redtailed hawks are large hawks with broad rounded wings and a short wide red tail. From a distance, especially when flying, they are often mistaken for golden eagles. They can be seen can be seen soaring overhead, perched in tree tops, on fence posts or feeding alongside roads or even in the road. They also have a distinctive call that some think in from an eagle. For more information about recognizing the Redtailed hawk and to hear its calls, visit the Audubon Society Guide to North American Birds.

missing hawk Paso Robles

Redtailed hawk in flight. Missing hawk, Noodle, will have tethers streaming from his legs. Photo from Audubon Society.



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About the author: Reporter Jackie Iddings

Jackie Iddings is a contributing reporter and photographer for the Paso Robles Daily News.