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Looking Back: District fair closes in grand style 

Excerpts from the Saturday, October 5, 1901 Paso Robles Record:

Official list of premiums awarded

–Saturday evening marked the closing of the 16th District fair held in this city. The hose races attracted a large crowd Saturday afternoon, many remaining for the evening. The immense crowd thronged to pavilion during the afternoon and evening and the fair closed in grand style.

The directors and officers are well pleased with the successful manner in which the fair was terminated.

The premiums have all been awarded. Exceptionally few errors occurred considering the magnitude of the work of classifying reports of committees. The few errors that did creep in were adjusted to the perfect satisfaction of all concerned. Those who won prizes were pleased and those who lost in the competition were equally good natured.

Paso Robles Fair

Click here to read the full front page of the October 5, 1901 Paso Robles Record


Fruit department: Mrs. E.G. Elder, D. Terris, M. Gerst, D. Stockdale, J.H. Hughes, Carlo Bonconi, A. Arena, F.L. Johnson, B.F. Grove, A.J. Mothersead, Miss V. Exline, Mrs. W.S. Forrington, Wm. Hemphill, H. Reinke, Mrs. W.S. Forrington, Mrs. W. Overton, Jas. Mercai, Mrs. L. Nelson, A. Nelson, Mrs. O.F. Smith, I. Iverson, C. Ronconi.

Farm products: J.H. Hughes, M. Gerst, N.G. Madsel, Ernst Bros., Mrs. A.J. Mothersead, G.F. Bell

Agricultural products: C. Ronconi, Mrs. L. Exline, M. Gerst, Mrs. G.E. Elder, D. Terris,

Honey, preserves and pickles: Mrs. W.S. Forrington, Mrs. G.E. Elder, M. Gerst, D. Terris, Mrs. C. Claus

Miscellaneous: Mrs. P. Johnson, Miss N. Olson, Mrs. Geo. Myers, Clark Smith

Bread and pastry: Mrs. W.O. Bennett, Mrs. L.E. Oberg, Mrs. H.G. Wright, Mrs. J. Abernethy

Flowers and plants: Mrs. F.W. Keller, Misses Pfister, Mrs. F.A. Earll, Mrs. J.E. Burkett, Mrs. H. Eppinger, R.D. Cruickshank

Native wines: Ernst Bros., I. Iverson, T. Brooks, D. Koehler

Fancy work: Mrs. J.N. Olson, Mrs. O.F. Smith, Mrs. L.M. Neal, Miss Nettie Swan, Miss Eva Nuckolls, Mrs. F.A. Earll, Miss A. Pfister, Mrs. E. Mains, Mrs. W.C. Bennett, Mrs. R.N. Triplett, Mrs. T.B. Brower, Mrs. John Scott, Mrs. W. Thompson, Pearl Testerman, Mrs. T. Phelps, Miss M. Monteith

Fine arts: Mrs. M. Seeman, Miss Della Smith, Dr. J.E. Waterbury, Mrs. M. Steman, Dr. J.E. Waterbury, Miss Ella Smith, Rev. F.W. Reid, Mrs. W.C. Bennett, A.M. Barnett, J.B. Ward, J. Johnson,

Manufacturers: A.T. Pruess, W.C. Henderson, C.S. Smith, Miss Della Smith

Baby show: (Baby over 6 months old): Loyd Young, Martha Henderson; (Baby under 6 months old) Nathania Neal, Lena Arena

Poultry: A.G. Olson, Jas. Hibbard, J. Iverson, W.T. Eddy, Frank Spurrier, R. Watkins

General display: Mrs. W. Thompson, W. Fluegel, G.F. Bell

Public school work: Miss Helen Earll, Miss Amanda Olson, Miss Estella Bilton, Miss Maybell Bilton

Horses: D. Gaxiola, W.S. Lewis, H. Nelson, Rollo Dresser, Mrs. H. Epinger, Jas. Hall. W.A. Fisher

Cattle: G.F. Bell, D. Gaxiola, G.W. Brewster

(Editor’s note: Results above are summarized. Click the newspaper above to see the full list on the front page of the Paso Robles Record.)

Special recommendation has been made in the case of the exhibit of curios by C.S. Smith and the case of Ernest Anderson who did much to entertain visitors at the fair with an X-ray machine.

Among the displays that called for special mention were a number of Singer sewing machines by J.B. Ward which received a blue ribbon and several fine pianos from Sherman & Clay’s in San Francisco exhibited by J.J. Falkenstein of San Luis Obispo.

The cash prizes will be paid in the course of a few weeks and as soon as a requisition can be made on the state for the money appropriated for this district.

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This Looking Back view of Paso Robles history comes from one of the hundreds of local newspapers in the Paso Robles Area Historical Society collection, located in the Paso Robles History Museum at 800 12th Street in Downtown City Park. Photography of the old newspapers is by Gigi Greene. News for this column is selected with the assistance of the society’s Vice President Nancy Tweedie and Research Director Jan Cannon. 

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About the author: Reporter Jackie Iddings

Jackie Iddings is a contributing reporter and photographer for the Paso Robles Daily News.