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Man overdoses on heroin in downtown bar 

Heroin OD at bar

Officers find man collapsed on floor of bathroom stall

A man found collapsed from a heroin overdose was revived Thursday after officers found him on the floor of a bathroom stall, according to local authorities.

Officers from the San Luis Obispo County Probation Department found the man lying on the floor of the stall at about 4:30 p.m. They were responding to a report of an intoxicated man in the bathroom of Downtown Brew at 1108 Pine St., Paso Robles.

Upon arrival, the officers found the man lying face down, unresponsive and not breathing with a used syringe in his hand. The subject appeared to have overdosed on opiates, authorities say. The officers radioed for emergency medical services while they worked to get the subject breathing again. A search of the subject’s backpack revealed several more used syringes and a bottle of Xanax.

Paramedics arrived and administered a dose of Narcan to the subject which caused him to immediately begin breathing unaided. He was then transported by ambulance to Twin Cities Community Hospital. At the hospital the subject told the probation officers he had injected a dose of heroin into his neck before going unconscious. His condition is unknown at this time.

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6 Responses to Man overdoses on heroin in downtown bar

  1. amanda

    Soo sad heroin is a sad and destroying addiction

  2. Mindy

    It is a HUGE problem in Paso Robles. I had no idea how big until the last 2 years.

  3. sad

    What happened to paso? That’s not the town I grew up in.

  4. Toby Berry

    I think it is all of our responsibilties as a community to help our drug addict neighbors and run all of the drug dealers out of town. This is our city and it is worth fighting for. Stop turning a blind eye we are at war with this epidemic. Lets do something about it.

  5. Old timer

    I say good job Toby put it out there…

  6. reality

    nothing has changed in the past 45 years…

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