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Mixed Martial Arts Training – (805) 712-0403 

805-712-0403Our athletes become warriors

Get pumped. Get ripped. Be a fighter. Make it happen. Toughen up with our MMA training program and you will have the technique, talent and physique to take action. You will be able to slay your fear and chop it up into little pieces. Your search is over. Call to set up a session with one of our MMA fitness trainers at (805) 712-0403. It’s the number you have been looking for.

Our skilled MMA trainers include former Navy Seals, US Special Forces, and Israeli intelligence officers. You will have the guns to handle any threat and keep the peace. Who is this force? Just call and find out more.

trainingYou can try to find a more well-rounded athlete in terms of overall fitness than a mixed martial arts fighter, but we doubt you’ll be able to.

A high level MMA fighter has the endurance to go five five-minute rounds with a little bit still left in the tank at the end; the power and strength to land lethal strikes and execute crippling submission holds; and the overall athleticism to master various fighting disciplines—from wrestling to karate to boxing. Not coincidentally, virtually all successful MMA fighters possess lean, athletic physiques to show for it. So if the UFC body type is what you’re after, why not train like a fighter?

The types of workouts we do with our MMA athletes don’t require any running or aerobic work, because there’s no aerobic work done in a fight, only anaerobic.

We do sprint-based intervals, and by doing this, the guys respond faster to putting on muscle and losing body fat in addition to improving their cardio levels. But it’s not necessarily muscle mass they’re putting on—it’s more muscle density. Most of the exercises we do are big, compound, leg-based moves. In fighting, the guys are squatted down a lot and shooting in for takedowns, so these guys can’t afford to get tired legs.

Mixed martial arts is a full-contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques, both standing and on the ground, from a variety of other combat sports and martial arts. Various mixed-style contests took place throughout Europe, Japan and the Pacific Rim during the early 1900s.

Call today to schedule your training – (805) 712-0403.