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Owners of Mistura Restaurant file for bankruptcy 

Mistura Restaurant Paso Robles

Jackeline and Nicola Allegretta opened Mistura in Paso Robles at River Oaks Hot Springs this in November of 2014.

A bankruptcy notice was filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court by Nicola Alegretta and Jackeline Ortiz De Zevallos-Allegretta of Paso Robles, who own the new, peruvian-themed restaurant in Paso Robles, Mistura. They also own Mama’s Meatballs in San Luis Obispo, Haute Catering and Events, as well as Nico Farms Inc. The filing indicates that the couple’s unsecured claims total $319,806.

Mistura restaurant opened a few months ago, during the week of Thanksgiving in 2014, at the River Oaks Golf Course in Paso Robles. “We are doing very well, and we are not going anywhere,” said Nicola Alegretta this morning. “It is just a re-organization of the business,” he said.

Mistura Paso Robles

Ocopa at Mistura restaurant.

Alegretta said that, though the company is doing well now, during 2008 and 2009, the years of the Great Recession, they were having a hard time keeping up with their payments. The filing included older debts and recent ones. Filing for bankruptcy was a way for them to reorganize and restructure the business, and consolidate their payments into one single monthly bill.

“This is just a different chapter for us,” he said. Mistura, Mamma’s Meatballs, and Haute Catering not going anywhere, he explained. “We are already doing well with Mistura, and have a successful and established restaurant down in San Luis Obispo (Mamma Meatballs.) We have a family here of our employees and friends. If we were going to close we would have done it months ago,” he said. “We will remain completely open.”

Mistura, Mamma’s Meatballs and Haute Catering and Events will remain open for business. Nico Farms, however, has been closed. On their website it states, “It is painful to deal with the fact that we have exhausted our financial resources…While we were severely underfunded from the start, we frugally stretched a ‘shoe-string budget’ into a ‘dental-floss budget,’ and managed to get through our first year… We had the will, but not the financial means. Thus, we bid farewell sooner than much of our community got a chance to discover us.”

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