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Has Paso Robles lost its mind? 

-Letter to the editor-

The County has agreed that the water situation is desperate enough to call for a two-year moratorium on any further development of agricultural land.  There is some question as whether prior commitments to develop vineyards would be allowed, but in principle, now new agricultural development will be allowed that is not water-neutral.

And now our City Council contemplates the irresponsible increase in the demand for water by allowing two now hotels and new homes on the west side and along Creston.

Have they lost their minds???

It is not reasonable to have the restrictions borne solely by the ag community.  The dire consequences of our water shortage must be borne by all.  And for the city to say that Lake Nacimiento “is our salvation and can be relied upon to provide adequate water” ignores the fact that the lake’s resources are dwindling and insufficient for further growth.

The county and the city have been aware of aquifer reports from 1996 and later which clearly stated the problem.  The county and the city are remiss in their duty.

Ian Robertson
Paso Robles



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