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Paso Robles RV Storage Company Reports The Top Reasons For Using Professional RV Storage 

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–Keeping the RV in the driveway or backyard might save a monthly storage fee and having the vehicle nearby for weekend trips is certainly convenient. “But, there are other things to consider when someone has invested thousands into their home away from home,” said Mark Madsen, owner of the Paso Robles RV storage company, Mars Mega Storage.

There is no denying the convenience of just walking into the driveway, packing up and pulling out on that long-awaited road trip just as the sun is rising. For those who spend several weeks a year traveling, camping, fishing and enjoying their RV there is something to be said about the convenience of storing it in the backyard or driveway between trips. There are also some things to be said about the risks and inconveniences of keeping your RV at home.

Some of the top risks at home include:

  • Space: If the garage isn’t big enough the RV needs to be in the driveway, the backyard or even the street if allowed. You might need to put in a slab to keep the tires out of the mud in winter or a carport for protection against the weather.
  • Pests: Bugs, mice, rats, and a few other critters that have become urban wildlife are going to be tempted to take up residence in the RV. You might buy a cover to keep the dust and dirt, but bugs, mice and rats are not deterred by much and will find a way in regardless.
  • Vandalism and theft: There are few things as frustrating as finding the RV was damaged or broken into and items were stolen. RVs parked in neighborhoods are targets for people who are up to mischief and crime.
  • Weather: An RV parked outside is subject to weather changes, even when a special cover is used. Covers tear, come loose, and don’t keep bugs and mice away.
  • Neighborhood covenants: Some neighborhoods don’t allow parking vehicles over a certain size in driveways or on the street.
  • Complaining neighbors: Unfortunately, nearly every neighborhood has at least one and a large RV can quickly become a target. Even when you are following all the rules and being courteous of your neighbors, there is that one person in the neighborhood who can make your life miserable.


Along with these potential problems, there is the fact that most RVs are parked more than they are driven. According to an RV industry statistics report on the Wandering RV website:

  • The average RV owner drives around 4,500 miles each year in their RV
  • Ninety-percent of RV-owning households report that they take at least 3 trips with their vehicle or trailer each year, in addition to their regular yearly vacation.
  • The typical RV owning household spends an average of four weeks each year using their RV.

Recreational vehicles, including camper trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes average between $10,000 and $300,000, depending on the age and type. Some Class A and Class B motorhomes can cost even more.

Our RVs are investments in our well being and our lifestyles. Reducing the risk of damage is protecting that investment and the right professional RV storage is an excellent way to make sure that RV is safe and available for years of happy travels.

Professional RV storage, like that provided by Paso Robles Mars Mega Storage can provide:

  • State-of-the-art Security that includes an on-site manager, 24/7 private coded gate access, 17 feet high steel perimeter walls, infrared cameras and laser beams, extensive security lighting, fire hydrants on site and fire and burglar alarms in each unit. Plus, 60-degree angles for all the storage units for easy in and easy out.
  • Indoor storage offering totally enclosed insulated units, interior lighting with a 110v outlet, 14-foot high automatic roll-up doors and a high level of fire and security protection. There are unit sizes for any size RV, boat, auto, household and commercial items.
  • Covered storage units are state of the art design for maximum protection against the elements with a high level of security. Covered units are all 12-feet wide and a variety of lengths. This design will keep your RV, boat or auto in pristine condition.

Mars Mega Storage is a safe and secure alternative to keeping your RV in your driveway. With a choice of indoor or covered storage, your RV is protected from the weather. The state-of-the-art security system, with burglar and fire alarms, is a guardian against theft, damage and malicious mischief such as graffiti.

Mars Mega Storage
101 Wellsona Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 467-3200

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