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Paso Robles schools prohibit e-cigarettes 

E-cig ban applies to all students, staff, visitors


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The Paso Robles Joint Unified School District Board of Trustees took action at their Tuesday evening meeting intended to limit the use of electronic-smoking devices on all district-owned or leased properties. Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, or “pens”, are battery-operated devices that contain nicotine-filled cartridges.

The board voted to prohibit the use of products containing tobacco or nicotine, including, but not limited to, e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chew and clove cigarettes. The ban is in affect at all times on district-owned or leased property, and in district vehicles.

In addition, the district’s discipline policy regarding student on-campus tobacco use was updated to include e-cigarettes and “spice”; a synthetic marijuana presently available for over-the-counter purchase in the state of California.

“This is a rising cause of concern on school sites across our state as well as our nation”, said Wendy Nielsen, the director of student achievement for Paso Robles schools. “Our board is acting proactively to address this issue before it becomes a major problem in our district.”

This move came as the San Luis Obispo County Office of Education Superintendent, Julian Crocker, directed all school districts in the county to implement new board policies and administrative regulations to include e-cigarettes and pens. The SLOCOE receives a Tobacco-Use Prevention Education grant from the California Department of Education, and one of the conditions of this grant is the implementation of policies that prohibit the use of e-cigarettes along with other types of tobacco on school property.

The new policies apply to all students, staff, visitors, and Use of Facility permit holders. However, this section does not prohibit the use or possession of prescription products, or other FDA-approved cessation aids such as nicotine patches or nicotine gum. Student use or possession of such products must conform to laws governing student use and possession of medication on school property.



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