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Paso Robles Storage Company Announces ‘The Best Description of Secure Storage’ 

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-What does it actually mean when a storage facility says it provides top level security, or state-of-the-art security? Mark Marsden, co-owner of the Paso Robles Mars Mega Storage said, “There are a number factors that, when combined, contribute to a truly secure storage facility,”

Four of the top security features include:

  • Individual private secure code entry
  • Sophisticated surveillance and alarm system
  • Lighting, including high-visibility nighttime exterior lighting
  • Secure fencing with automatic gates
  • Individually locked units

Other features that, when appropriately applied, factor into strong security include:

  • On site staff
  • Security policies and practices
  • Security system monitoring
  • Well built storage units and ease of entry and exit

Thinking in terms of security needs to go beyond preventing theft and vandalism and include smoke and fire detection and elements that help prevent damage to personal property. The elements that help protect property include well built storage units that don’t leak and minimize or eliminate potential damage from rodents and insects, paved driveways that are wide enough for large vehicles pulling trailers to back-up, turn around, park and pass other oncoming vehicles comfortably and safely.

In the case of Mars Mega Storage, where Paso Robles residents and visitors can store recreational vehicles and boats, the construction of driveways and paved, covered storage is especially critical.

A sophisticated security system includes smoke, fire and entry alarms, strategically placed cameras that run 24-hours, motion detection lighting and laser intrusion detection. Exterior lighting may not be necessary during daylight, but lighting inside storage units is important so the renters can safely access their property.

Perimeter fencing that is tall enough and structured to discourage climbing, and with automatic gates that open by secure codes and close automatically are an attractive security feature. One of the key factors to gate and fence security is individual responsibility about the secure entry codes. It is highly important that renters do not share their codes with anyone who does not need to have access to the storage unit.

Sharing the security code and using a personal lock on a unit are two areas where security policies and practices apply. Single vehicle entry is another. The more people who know the entry code the more chance there is of the code falling into the wrong hands. Locking individual storage units with a heavy-duty personal lock is one more level of security and is the responsibility of the renter to keep his or her property safe.

Having staff on the property is one thing, what staff members are doing while onsite is another. Along with regular jobs such as working the office, maintenance, and stocking supplies, regularly patrolling and checking the grounds and monitoring security systems is part of keeping the facility secure and safe. Whether the security system is monitored onsite by staff, or remotely by a security service, staff or management needs to know that the system is working as it is designed.

Operating since 2009, this premier Paso Robles storage facility is a security leader. The security of the facility and client’s personal property is the highest interest, and includes: on site manager, 17-foot high steel perimeter walls, 24/7 private personal coded gate access, infrared cameras and laser beams, fire hydrants on site, each unit has fire and burglar alarms and extensive security and high-visibility lighting.

The security solutions include fully paved driveways and parking, with lots of clearance for vehicles, trailers, and stored vehicles and boats. The storage units meet every need from 5 x 5-foot self-storage units up to units that are 60-feet long and roomy outdoor units for boat and RV storage.

Mars Mega Storage
101 Wellsona Road
Paso Robles, CA 93446
(805) 467-3200

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