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Petite Sirah completes Paso Wine Man series 

paso wine man

Petite Sirah is ripe with possibility

The Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance is winding down the year with it’s final installment of the 2013 Varietal of the Month series. This month features Petite Sirah – it’s ripe with possibility. 

“Exactly how hard is it to ripen Petite Sirah?” The Paso Wine Man asks in the video. “Imagine building a ship in a bottle at the bottom Marianas Trench,” he says. “Imagine performing a circumcision during an earthquake. Imagine he Internet without those annoying hash tag jokes. Perhaps that’s why Paso’s winemakers are drawn to it. Petite Sirah  thick skin black fruit shows the kind of magic possible with Paso’s unique terroir.”

“It let’s the winemaker show what makes this a very special region. An ‘lol’ free world? Perhaps never. Petite Sirah from Paso? Absolutely!

The Petite Sirah video marks the twelfth for the alliance with the help of Dina Mande at Juice Media. It completes the wine alliance’s 2013 marketing campaign, “Grow Wild in Paso Robles Wine Country.” The Paso Wine Man is actor Casey Biggs.

2013 Paso Wine Man series:



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