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Poll results: Build a parking structure to fix parking problem 

We asked readers to vote on solutions for fixing the parking problem in downtown Paso Robles. From more than 300 responses from readers, the answer was overwhelmingly to build a downtown parking structure.

Best ways to improve downtown parking – Poll results

What is the best way to improve parking in downtown Paso Robles?

  • Build downtown parking structure – 219 votes – 72-percent
  • Separate employee parking from general parking – 52 votes – 17-percent
  • Increase alternative transportation such as a trolley or increased foot traffic – 14 votes – 5-percent
  • Adopt parking meters for downtown parking – 12 votes – 4-percent
  • There is no issue with downtown parking: no changes are needed – 6 votes – 2-percent


Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin recently addressed the city’s parking problem:

The City has completed the third Parking Study since 2002. We commissioned the latest study predicated on our intent to DO something about downtown parking and the face that citizens identified the problem in a city-wide survey and during the Council’s recent goal-setting session. Initial steps will include identifying, naming and providing directional signage for existing parking, modifying parking to increase the number of available spaces and providing safe, alternative parking for downtown employees. Other strategies may include a trolley, hotel shuttles and timed parking during strategic day-parts and during special events. The desire for a parking structure is offset by the potential price tag of $10,000,000 to $20,000,000, but could be considered provided we can identify a revenue stream to pay for it. As Mayor, I will be working with our parking consultants to inform downtown business owners. On my own initiative (and at NO taxpayer expense) I will be posting a survey on this site to gather public input regarding the parking situation.

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