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Council votes to reduce sewer rates 

sewerThe Paso Robles City Council voted Tuesday night to reduce the basis for residential sewer rates by approximately 20-percent for one year. It means sewer usage fees will be reduced by about $1.50 per month, according to City Councilman Steve Martin. The new rate is based on reduced usage.

Residential sewer rates are based on average water consumption during the months of December, January and February – a period when outside irrigation is typically at its lowest, thus water consumed is roughly equal to what is discharged to the wastewater treatment plant. Although winter water use exceeded typical use due to the severe, extended drought the amount of waste water discharged to the sewer system was actually less.

The one-time sewer fee reduction will be effective on July 1 and reconsidered next year. The fee is based on units of water usage. One unit equals 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons. The rate set in 2013 was $5.40 per unit.



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