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Rotary Club awards $68,000 in local scholarships 

Rotary Club Scholarships

Rotary Club scholarship winners attended last week’s Rotary Club meeting to be recognized.

Paso Robles Rotary Club‘s Scholarship Committee Chairman Scott Laycock last Thursday announced the winners of this year’s Rotary scholarships at The Paso Robles Inn Ballroom.

Laycock was assisted in the selection process by committee members Tom Apkarian, Linda Kristenson, Pat Sayne, Gail Tannehill, and Nicolette Harley.

The awards were based on numerous criteria including student GPAs, SAT/ACT scores, extracurricular activities, and essays. Laycock noted the selection process was challenging with so many excellent students. Laycock also thanked the Rotary Club’s Finance & Investment Committee members Larry Ward, Steve McAbee, Jim Moffatt, Abe Flory, and Jan Jensen, for growing the scholarship fund so the club can provide larger scholarships.

Laycock also introduced Mary Black Thompson whose father, Cullen Black, provided a substantial boost to the club’s scholarship fund when his scholarship trust fund was transferred to the Rotary Club two years ago.

In all, over $68,000 in scholarships were awarded this year.

Four-year institutions, $5,000 scholarships

1) Torri Pugh
2) Finley Burns
3) Brooke Milder
4) Mark Martinez, III
5) Basma Elsayed
6) Aiden Kerr
7) Sarah Jagger
8) Jessica Jagger
9) Madison Wineman
10) Mylena Corona
11) Devin Hartley
12) Jiseelle Jimenez

Community colleges and vocational schools: $1,000 scholarships

1) Tiahna Merwin
2) Yoana Sandoval Gutierrez
3) Yalina Curry
4) Zachary Alves
5) Mackenzie Raymond
6) Divine Rubio

Liberty/Independence High School: $500 scholarships

1) April Hernandez
2) Emma Danielson

Legacy Scholarships: $500 scholarships

1) Carson Opheim/Julie Opheim – PRHS
2) Rebecca Slason/Pete Johnston – PRHS
3) Sophia Baer/Pete Johnston – PRHS
4) Parker Rowe/Stu & Sharon Ross
5) Katie Moffatt/Jim Moffatt & Vicki Silva
6) Ajay Goree/Rick Goree

Legacy Scholarships are awarded to children and grandchildren of Paso Robles Rotary Club members, because their children are not eligible to apply for the larger scholarships given to local students.

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