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Summer drizzle begins Paso Robles rainfall season 

An unusual summer rain fell on Paso Robles early Tuesday morning, kicking off the start of the 2014 rainfall season. The Paso Robles Water Yard at 1230 Paso Robles St. reported .02 inches fell during the brief, humid, monsoon storm. The rainfall season began July 1 and runs to June 30.

The 2013-14 rainfall season yielded 6.13 inches, according to city records. The 2012-13 rainfall season yielded 7.18 inches. The drought conditions are about half of the city’s average of 14.11 inches per year, as recorded by the city since 1942.

Climate scientists are backing off earlier forecasts that an El Niño in coming months might put an end to California’s drought, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The Chronicle’s report continues:

The U.S. Climate Prediction Center issued its monthly report on Pacific Ocean weather patterns Thursday, still projecting that sea surface temperatures will warm, a phenomena known as El Niño that can affect worldwide rainfall. But the El Niño that’s in the forecast will likely be only “weak to moderate,” the report says.

While strong El Niños have been associated with rain in California, lesser El Niños haven’t correlated with wet years.

The chance of an El Niño developing, according to the report, is about 70 percent by the end of summer and 80 percent by fall or early winter.



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