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True Entertainment Lovers: The Most Casino-Centric Cities in the USA 

It’s been more than a year since we lost offline entertainment, at least the way we had it in the pre-pandemic world. No one knows if the entertainment industry, including casinos, will ever get back to normal. The only thing we can do is stay optimistic. Chances are we will soon get to go out again, so let’s recall what U.S. cities are great destinations for gambling.

#1 Atlantic City, New Jersey

It may come as a surprise that Las Vegas, aka the Sin City, is not the first on this list. However, recent research suggests that Atlantic City has a better resident-to-casino ratio. This means that considering Atlantic City’s rather small population, there are more gambling institutions per 1,000 residents there. In fact, Atlantic City is among the best cities for gambling in the world based on these metrics. Sure, quality-wise, Atlantic City’s casinos are nowhere near their Vegas counterparts. If you are used to the luxurious halls of Bellagio, you may find Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City a bit underwhelming. But if you want a quieter and less crowded gambling night out, Atlantic City is a great choice.

#2 Las Vegas, Nevada

Now, here comes the most expected city on this list. Gambling is the one thing Las Vegas is known for, so it is not really surprising that the quality of casino experiences you can find in Vegas is unparalleled. In most places around the world, gamblers feel lucky when they get to choose between five casinos or so (given how conservative many governments still are when it comes to gambling). This is what makes Vegas so unique – it has more than 150 casinos (about 130 on the Strip alone). No matter what your idea of an ideal place for gambling is, you are guaranteed to find it in Vegas. One pre-pandemic downside of Sin City was enormous crowds, but we will have to wait and see how Vegas will look post lockdown.

#3 Chicago, Illinois

Unlike Legas, Chicago is not known for gambling specifically, which is why few people think of it when choosing a destination for a casino weekend. However, before the pandemic basically ruined the entire entertainment industry, Chicago’s gambling industry had been growing steadily for years. In 2019, Chicago’s officials were on the way to turn Chicago into the next Sin City by building a large Vegas-style casino to attract tourists and generate revenue for the city. Also, five new casinos (in addition to Chicago’s existing ten) were approved. The lockdown messed up the officials’ plans, but perhaps, the project will get back on track soon. If it does, Chicago will turn into a great gambling destination, mainly because, unlike Vegas, Chicago has so much more to offer besides casinos.

#4 Palm Springs, California

If you are searching for a place where gambling opportunities are as good as the weather, you may want to look into Palm Springs. California is among the states with relatively flexible gambling laws. The only popular form of gambling fully banned in California is sports betting. Palm Springs cannot offer a variety of casinos comparable to Vegas or even Atlantic City. However, visitor reviews of Palm Springs’ gambling institutions are mostly positive. If you choose Palm Springs as your next gambling destination, you will get to enjoy the sun and perhaps even bump into a celebrity or two.

#5 Reno, Nevada

Did you know that Reno is actually the O.G. Las Vegas? In the middle of the twentieth century, before Vegas took over and became the global casino capital, Reno was where all gambling lovers would go. What is so good about Reno is that it is close to San Francisco and several other big cities; its strategic location secures Reno a steady flow of tourists. Similarly to Vegas, Reno has luxurious hotels and casinos, but the crowds are much smaller.


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