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Driver in fatal crash had drugs in his system 

Update April 23, 2014: The coroner’s unit of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office released the toxicology report of Jeremy Nathanial Martin, who died in a traffic collision in Paso Robles on Feb. 26. The 26-year-old Martin was the driver of the car involved in the fatal crash. Three substances were found in his system, THC, Codeine and Ibuprofen. The coroner’s unit previously released the cause and manner of death for Martin and his passenger Christopher Micheal Medina as multiple blunt force trauma injuries.

Feb. 26: Two die in Highway 46 accident at Union Road


A vehicle accident on Highway 46 East in Paso Robles leaves two dead. Photo from Paso Robles Police Department.

Coroner identify men who died in car accident

Update 5 p.m., Feb. 27, 2014:  The Coroner’s Unit of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office released a report with the identities of the two men who died in a traffic collision on Highway 46 East at Union Road in Paso Robles on Feb. 26.

The driver was Jeremy Nathanial Martin, 26, of Grover Beach and the passenger Christopher Micheal Medina, 24, of Paso Robles, according to a report. Autopsies were completed today for the two men and investigators list the cause of death for both as multiple blunt force trauma injuries. Results of toxicology tests are pending and are not expected for six to eight weeks.

Passenger car failed to yield, police say

Update 1 p.m., Feb. 27, 2014: An initial investigation of the vehicle accident on Highway 46 Wednesday afternoon reveals the driver of a black passenger car failed to yield the right of way by crossing Highway 46 East directly into the path of the eastbound pickup truck, according to a report from the Paso Robles Police Department.

The ensuing collision resulted in the death of both the car’s male occupants. Weather did not appear to be a factor.

There was suspected marijuana in the passenger car, but it is unknown whether the driver was under the influence of any intoxicants at the time of the collision and whether this played any part in the collision, police say.

Investigators have submitted blood samples to a crime laboratory for toxicology screening. The results of these tests are not expected for several weeks. In an earlier press release, police mistakenly reported that there were no immediate indications that drugs or alcohol played a factor in the collision.

The lone, male, occupant of the pickup truck did not sustain injuries during the collision.

Original story Feb. 26, 2014: A black passenger car attempting to cross Highway 46 East from Union Road in Paso Robles crossed into the path of an eastbound pickup truck late this afternoon, according a report from the Paso Robles Police Department. The red pickup truck and passenger car collided in the eastbound lanes of traffic. The collision resulted in the death of the car’s two occupants.

Paso Robles Police Officers and Department of Emergency Services were dispatched to the area Wednesday at about 4 p.m. The degree of injury of those occupying the pickup truck is pending at press time. The report said the police will issue further updates as they become available.

At 5 p.m. vehicle traffic on westbound Highway 46 was backed up to Airport Road.

The Paso Robles Police Department is requesting the public’s assistance for information about this collision. Anyone witnessed the collision or with information is encouraged to call the Paso Robles Police Department at (805) 237-6464. Or persons wishing to remain anonymous are encouraged to call Crime Stoppers’ 24-hour hotline at 549-STOP or by texting “SLOTIPS” plus your message” to CRIMES (274637).

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40 Responses to Driver in fatal crash had drugs in his system

  1. Pam Morring

    We were there..

    The truck didn’t even try to stop.

    The MAIN problem is SPEED…..SPEED KILLS, and I have to travel that road EVERYDAY.

    People cut me off EVERY DAY..going 70+

    I have NO DOUBT that the car thought..(and reasonably so)…traffic was going slower than it is.



    God Bless the families..I know ours will never be the same after seeing their loved ones like we did

  2. Horse Couch

    But Pam, how can a truck going 55-70MPH even “try to stop” at that location? Not sure but it sounds like the black car pulled out in when it should’ve just waited. I have people cut me off every day, too…I could be going 25MPH or 70MPH; it seems like people just treat stop signs as optional these days. Too many cars just pull out in front of others, sometimes with deadly consequences.

    • Pam Morring

      How would the driver of the truck even try to stop??
      Brakes and being aware.
      My son was hit by a drunk driver, one intersection up. People are doing everything but PAYING ATTENTION..
      I know…I was there.
      After the accident, we were nearly run off Hwy 46 by a Semi truck and trailer..why? Because the driver was TRYING TO LIGHT HIS CIGARETTE and it was windy.
      Come on Horse ..
      To drive responsibly, one must drive defensively.
      You have to anticipate.. not plow into people.
      We are praying for everyone involved.

      • Dmart

        There’ driving defensively and being aware and then there’s seeing the future. If the car pulled out so close to the truck that they actually collided, there would have to have been very little time for the truck to see and unexpected car pulling out and then react, especially at highway speeds in the rain. Perhaps it was the driver of the car that pulled out that should have been more aware. I highly doubt that the truck just carelessly ran into this car just because the driver wasn’t paying attention, you can only stop as fast as physics will allow.

      • Horse Couch

        Calm down, Pam, no need to use ALL CAPS. I understand you’re frustrated about your son’s previous accident but remember, this article isn’t about your son’s accident so your attempts to blame the driver of the red truck are not warranted.

        The red truck is not at fault here. The red truck obviously couldn’t stop in time. The black car foolishly pulled out in front of the truck and got hit. The black car’s occupants sadly died because the driver didn’t wait for the speeding truck to pass by. Period.

      • Janine

        That truck belong to my roommate! He did try to stop! The black car pulled out in front of him, trying to get across traffic to make a left onto the 46. The whole situation sucks! People just need to be more careful, stop being in a such a hurry! RIP to the two young gentleman you lost their lives yesterday! My prayers go out to their families!

      • Janine

        That truck belong to my roommate! He did try to stop! The black car pulled out in front of him, trying to get across traffic to make a left onto the 46. The whole situation sucks! People just need to be more careful, stop being in a such a hurry! RIP to the two young gentleman you lost their lives yesterday! My prayers go out to their families!

      • Janine Cryer

        That truck belong to my roommate! He did try to stop! The black car pulled out in front of him, trying to get across traffic to make a left onto the 46. The whole situation sucks! People just need to be more careful, stop being in a such a hurry! RIP to the two young gentleman you lost their lives yesterday! My prayers go out to their families!

      • Harrypotterluver62

        @ Pam, you make an excellent point about speed, but you have to remember that the black car PULLED OUT into the truck. Not the truck’s fault. He may have been speeding or not but I’m sure he never expected some person high on dope pulling out in front of him ignoring rule of right of way. When we get into our cars, we must trust that others are paying attention like you so that we can avoid these incidents. However, the black passenger car? Not one of them.

  3. Lost

    My prayers are out to both families no matter who is the fault I have been lucky that my mom is still here after a head on when it wasn’t her fault but they said it was so the only ones to know are who was in the car! I hope the people in the truck are ok and my prayers to the family who lost loved ones today 🙁 just so sad hearing all these car accidents!!

  4. Priscilla perez

    Spoke with a friend whos co-worker was the driver of the red truck. Black car pulled out in front of him thinking they can beat the truck…the truck DID try to stop but skidded because of our recent weather and impacted the car head on. It happened so fast he wasn’t sure if he had killed the passengers or if they were alive.. Because of the speed limit the accident was worse than it could of been. Its no ones fault so please just keep your comments to yourself and think about the family’s of the 2 men who passed in the accident.

    • Pam Morring

      If we were supposed to “..keep your comments to yourself..” Priscilla, there would be NO comment section.

      The truck ran HEAD ON INTO the wasn’t a Head on collision.

      This is a tragedy all around.

      We are ALL responsible for control of our vehicle.

      The problem is S*P*E*E*D

      I didn’t make a comment to argue semantics with anyone, or diminish the tragedy

      If you cannot dedicate your attention to driving… NOT drive.

      Hwy 46 isn’t nicknamed BLOOD ALLEY for no reason.

      The “Need for speed” KILLS INNOCENT PEOPLE.

      Our family has assisted on more accidents on this Hwy than I can stomach remembering.

      PLEASE slow down and quit texting, drinking and driving, playing with your

      It could be you next.


      Prayers to the loved ones, and prayers for the lost ones..whomever they may be

      • Horse Couch

        Seriously, Pam Morring. There’s a time and a place for comments but you seem to be rambling on about past accidents on 46 that have zero to do with what happened yesterday. Yes, we know it’s called Blood Alley. Yes, we know to pay attention on the road. Yes, it’s a dangerous highway.

        Also, read about using ALL CAPS on chat boards. It’s the same as shouting at others and it’s bad manners on your part.

    • Lost

      Agree!! Prayers to your friend!! And to the family who lost loved ones

    • Horse Couch

      Thank you for your comment, Priscilla. Finally someone who makes sense.

  5. megan

    My friend was behind the black car, he said he just can’t figure out why the car pulled out right in front of the red truck, he said the truck didn’t even have time to hit the brakes.. so tragic for all involved. ..

  6. Krystal

    My brother was driving that red truck. Believe me when I say our focus as a family is praying for the families that lost someone. Speed is an issue for everyone. The conditions yesterday were bad, and everyone was just trying to get home. Please drive safe out there. Our hearts are broken beyond words.

    • Dan

      I have been at that intersection and the one coming out of Shandon and saw with my own eyes two different accidents (fortunately no one was hurt in either and believe me when I say it was only by Gods grace)! What I saw in both was just bad judgement at that moment! We can all try and place blame but there is only a moment in time (we’ve all had them and was blessed to get through them) that we sometimes don’t get back no matter how slow we go! God is good and if they were saved their in the Masters Hands!

  7. Bambi

    It was my husband’s cousin and friend that were killed in this crash. This has been a devastating shock to all of our family. Very unfortunate that he has now passed so similar to how he lost his dad 24 years ago. Thank you to all those who are praying for our family. This is definitely a very hard time for all of us.

  8. Katrina

    I’m so sorry for all who was affected by this, my thoughts and prayers are with you all, vehicles are scary things, May God be with you all

  9. Tina

    This was truely an unfortunate “accident”. Remember the time when people had “accidents”? I am sorry for the two young men who died in the accident, they were good friends of my sons. I am also sorry for the person in the truck who had to be a part of the terrible accident. I am 100% positive the person in the red truck did not intentionally hit the black car and the black car did not intentionally hit the red truck. It doesn’t matter who’s fault it was, it can’t be undone. We just need to learn from it & when we are driving, keep it in mind & try to be more careful.

  10. reve

    I appreciate all the comments, no way could red truck have done anything different and I am grateful he was not killed. He did nothing wrong. It was raining that is a good time to be extra careful.I cannot believe people that pull out in front of speeding cars it baffles my senses every time. I do not know the ages of black car but poor judgement and inexperience. So very very sad. We have had some pretty terrible deaths of young people in the last couple of months. The sweet young girl texting on 101 north with her 2 little bros in car, killed. Many more. Just have to really drive defensively and no texting or talking on phone!

  11. jayme

    I was driving by when I saw the accident. I would just like to say that it was really hard seeing out of my windshield…. witn the wind and the rain I was getting pushed around the lane and I was only 50. It was terrifying. Since that I say that its neither of the drivers fault. God bless to both families and im sorry that this tragedy had to happen.

  12. steph

    Pam needs to be quite!!!!!

  13. SamSpade


  14. Pat

    This accident ended the lives of two young men which is heartbreaking!!!! One of the men that died was my son inlaw’s cousin my heart goes out to his family and and also to the other man that died family.I am sure the person who was driving the pickup whether he was at fault or not will be bothered by this for a very long time This is just a very sad ordeal!!!

  15. crystal

    The christopher kid in the on car is my cousin son. So yes it is going to be hard on the family because they lost his dad to a wreck when i was just a kid. and i now how heart broke they was then. So love to all my family and ill keep u in my prayer.

    • Nancy

      Rip Christopher i love you my brother forever and always.

  16. nancy

    My brother was the passenger in the black car. Thank you for all of you prayers. I dont live up there but it sounds like something needs to be done about that intersection. As soon as possible it couldn’t save my brother and his friend but maybe it can save another life. Nothing can bring them back. They will forever be missed. R i p christopher. It hurts every second of the day. I love you. Gone now but never forgotten my brother.
    Love always and forever your big sister

  17. grieving parent

    my son in law lost his life. doesnt matter who is at fault. The guy in the truck has to see everyday this tragedy and I feel for him just want to say god bless. Just want all to know my daughter is pregnant by jeremy and we loved him soo much. r.i.p son

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