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California Update: Will Sportsbetting Become Legal Sooner Then We Think 


Explaining the situation regarding online gambling in the USA is quite a complicated task – many states, many different contrasting opinions, and other obstacles on the way to total legalization. As much as players are welcome in the famous capital of gambling – Las Vegas, the government tries so hard to distance them from the idea of spending money at online casinos. What’s the problem with iGaming?

The number one trouble slowing down the growth of online gaming in America is gambling addiction. Unfortunately, a worrying percentage of Americans developed bad gambling habits. About 20 million players suffer from poor concentration on work, lack of sleep, and depression. The reason – excessive consumption of online games based on luck. In addition to this, an immense role in the legalization of online gambling is also played by politics, or better said two political currents, with opposing views. However, no matter how impossible everything seemed at one moment, things on the USA gambling scene are slowly changing, to the joy of many players. One of the last states that opened the door to online sportsbetting is California. Nevertheless, the door is not fully open yet…

The Current situation in California

At the moment of writing this article, things aren’t so bright down in the Golden State. Not yet. Cali gamblers are not permitted to participate in any local casino game, offered by a California-based online casino. But, there is a twist called the offshore gambling industry. Since no constitution defines offshore gambling as an unlawful activity, online casino enthusiasts found a way how to enjoy their favorite casino games, without worrying have they broken any rules.

Sportsbetting is not permitted in California, with an exception for horse-racing wagering. For now. But, the thing can turn upside down sooner than we expected. Pressured by several other states which gave a green light to sportsbetting, lately, California is considering doing the same; in the near past, several bills were introduced, but each one of them failed.

Did the time finally come to legalize sports betting in Cali?

Millions of people in California are bumping their heads over one simple, burning question – what will be their answer to Proposition 26 and 27? After many government’s unsuccessful attempts to legalize sportsbetting, the final decision now is in the hands of voters. The latest idea to finally recognize online sportsbetting as a legal activity is backed by a union of several Native American tribes, and on the other side many commercial sports operators. This November, the process which lasts more than three years might finally be over. But, the situation isn’t as simple as it seems. As we mentioned, two bills are proposed – 26 and 27. The first one was proposed by the Indian Tribes, and the second was by California Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support Act backed up by commercial operators. Basically, sports enthusiasts from the Golden State will have two chances to share their opinion about the legalization of online sports wagering. Don’t be surprised by this fact, since the state of California rather often ends up in the situation in which voters are offered multiple initiatives on the same topic.

This is what’s on the table:

  • Proposition 26: Retail sports betting is limited to in-person bets at tribal casinos
  • Proposition 27:Statewide online sports betting through partnerships between commercial operators and tribes

A race with two winners?

It’s unlikely, but if it happens- who will be in charge of the sportsbetting industry in California if the result is a tie? If both bills pass, with the condition that they are not in mutual conflict, both will be put into effect. But, if there is a disagreement between the two parties, only the bill that had at least one more vote will be put into effect. We are eagerly waiting for the resolution of the online sportsbetting situation…

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