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Paso Robles History

Looking Back to 1940: Elementary school condemned

Excerpts from Wednesday, August 14, 1940 Paso Robles Journal: School condemned to protect pupils, district taxpayers Why a new school building should be constructed in […] Full Article

Looking Back: District fair closes in grand style

Excerpts from the Saturday, October 5, 1901 Paso Robles Record: Official list of premiums awarded –Saturday evening marked the closing of the 16th District fair […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1940: Grand jury indicts justice of peace and supervisor

Excerpts from Wednesday, July 3, 1940, Paso Robles Journal: Defendants blame politics John Norton, San Luis Obispo county supervisor for supervisorial district No. 3, and […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1936: Electrical storm takes toll in damage

Excerpts from Thursday, July 9, 1936, Paso Robles Advertiser: Electrical storm takes toll in damaged property and stock losses The heavy electrical storm which centered […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1936: Freak storm starts five rural fires

Excerpts from Thursday, June 25, 1936 Paso Robles Advertiser: Quick response to calls keeps losses at a minimum Five rural fires, all directly traceable to […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1940: City purchases land for airport, county considers funding for improvements

Excerpts from Wednesday, June 19, 1940, Paso Robles Journal: City purchases 161-acre tract for local airport Paso Robles now possesses a municipal airport. City Council […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1959: Five cars wrecked, Camp Roberts adds 6500 troops

Excerpts from Wednesday, June 17, 1959 The Paso Robles Journal: Weekend crash series wrecks five vehicles One driver received minor injuries and five automobiles were […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1904: Seven students graduate from Paso Robles High School

Excerpts from Saturday, June 4, 1904, Paso Robles Record: Graduating exercises, Paso Robles High School Upon the prettily decorated stage of the Assembly Hall seven […] Full Article

Looking Back to WWI in 1918: Letter from local soldier, snapshots of local support

Excerpts from the Paso Robles Leader, Friday, October 11, 1918: Letter from Ben Kiler from Camp Fremont, Sept 5, 1918 T.F.B. Excelsior Lodge No. 126 […] Full Article

Looking Back to 1932: Bearcats battle Santa Barbara for division title

Excerpts from Thursday, May 12, 1931, Paso Robles Advertiser: Locals take league pennant; meet Dons in quarterfinals Paso Robles stores close for two hours during […] Full Article