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Frequently asked questions

What is the newspaper’s circulation and distribution?

As of June 2020, the Paso Robles Daily News distributes more than 6,500 emailed newspapers every day, Monday through Saturday, with occasional special alerts on Sunday. Subscriptions continue to grow rapidly. The email has an open rate that averages about 50-percent daily, which is more than twice the industry standard. The newspaper website receives over 400,000 views from local readers every month. Click here for more statistics on the website traffic, circulation, and distribution for Paso Robles Daily News.

What days is Paso Robles Daily News published?

The Paso Robles Daily News publishes on an ongoing basis every day, Monday through Saturday, with occasional special alerts on Sunday. News emails are delivered to subscribers every morning with fresh news to share, usually six days a week.

What is the newspaper deadline?

Because we publish every day as news happens, there is no specific deadline. Submit your news and advertising now. New advertising typically has a 48-hour turn around time, but we can move faster for urgent campaigns.

Does the Paso Robles Daily News charge for news stories?

No. We welcome local businesses and organizations to submit news stories. We publish news stories at no cost. We do offer “Promoted Articles” at a cost. These articles appear at the top right of the home page and include distribution to over 25,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter. Click here >> Information on Promoted Articles in Paso Robles Daily News, call (805) 226-9890 or email

How to advertise in the Paso Robles Daily News?

Click here >> Display advertising in the Paso Robles Daily News, E-flyers in Paso Robles Daily News, and Promoted Articles in Paso Robles Daily News, or for more information, call (805) 226-9890 or email

How to submit news articles?

Guest contributions, press releases, and news tips are welcomed. Click here >> How to write a press release. Click here >> Submit news to the Paso Robles Daily News, Click here >> Promoted Articles in Paso Robles Daily News, or email them directly to the editor at Please include a photo or image with your submission.

Can I write a letter to the editor?

Yes, letters to the editor are welcome. Please read our guidelines and click here >> Submit a letter to the editor.

Do you publish obituaries?

Yes, Paso Robles Daily News publishes obituaries and death notices free of charge. Click here for information >> Writing and submitting an obituary.

How do I subscribe to the newspaper?

Subscriptions by email are free. Click here >> Subscribe to the Paso Robles Daily News. Enter your email address in the box and click on “Click to subscribe for free!” Important: You will receive an email that requires you to double opt-in and click to confirm your subscription.

I signed up but I am not getting the email?

If you have already signed up as a subscriber and you are not receiving your daily news email, it usually means your spam filter is sorting the email to your junk filter. This happens because the daily email from Paso Robles Daily News contains a lot of links, which can trigger a spam filter. If you add “” as a contact in your computer and click “not spam”, you should be able to solve the problem. You may also mark our email address as a VIP in your email system. Most email systems allow users to create “rules.” If so, create a “rule” that email from “” is never spam. See instructions for email rules for Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail. A reader can also re-subscribe using a different email address.

I am already a subscriber, why do I see a pop-up asking me to subscribe?

We understand that can be frustrating. Like many websites, this site’s only funding is through advertising. You have probably noticed pop-up advertising on other sites as well, including KSBY, KCOY, and the SLO Tribune. Instead of selling the pop-up to an advertiser, we are using it to promote subscriptions. Subscribers are a valuable way for us to broaden our reach. We are able to avoid the annoyance for most readers. When you see the pop-up, a cookie is placed in your browser that says “don’t show me the pop up again.” However, if you have cookies turned off, or you erase your cookies or browsing history, then our site does not know that you’ve already seen it. We also have it set so it only goes up after you are done reading and your mouse moves off the page. Additionally, the pop-up does not lock up your screen and you can close the window.

Can I comment anonymously?

The Paso Robles Daily News uses a commenting system that requires authentication through Facebook. To leave a comment, first join, or sign in to Facebook. This system is set up to require commenters to use a real name and verified identity. Our policy is to not publish anonymous comments or anonymous letters to the editor. Readers are welcomed to send anonymous news tips to us at

I am advertising in the Paso Robles Daily News but I can’t see my ad?

All ads rotate into the boxes on the homepage and at the bottom of stories on the website. All ads run through an ad rotation software. The software rotates more than 50 ads through the available positions. The software keeps track of the number of individual views and clicks on each ad. Those statistics are included in monthly reports for all advertisers. The website receives more than 400,000 page views per month. Ad packages are sold by views per month, such as 10,000, 35,000, or 100,000 views per month. This means that an advertiser with a 10,000-view-per-month plan is going to see the ad much less often than a client who is purchasing 100,000 views per month. There is a page on the website that shows all of the ads currently running: Advertisers may purchase plans with more views that include being placed on the daily email to subscribers.

Does the Paso Robles Daily News sell links?

No. The Paso Robles Daily News does not sell or trade URL links. The policy for links in promoted articles is to use “nofollow” code in the href html. If you operate a local business or organization, you are welcome to submit a business listing to our business directory.  Click here >> Add a business listing to the Paso Robles Daily News.

Is there a classified section in the Paso Robles Daily News?

We do not have a standard classified section. You may submit help wanted ads. Click here to learn more >> Help wanted promoted articles. You may also place an ad for garage sales >> Garage sales in Paso Robles.

Is the Paso Robles Daily News printed on paper?

The Paso Robles Daily News is published online. There is not a printed version. The newspaper website receives over 400,000 views a month, which is a far greater reach than can be achieved in any local printed publications.