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Paradise Ministries, Inc

17025 Walnut Ave, Atascadero, CA 93422, USA
17025 Walnut Avenue Atascadero California 93422 US

First, there’s nothing strange about us . . . we just believe that being “Christian” should really mean something, like seriously doing our best to live life fully devoted to knowing and loving God – not only knowing ABOUT Him.

We believe that understanding how to worship God – and then actually doing it, is essential to a true life of faith.
In fact, we believe that our relationship with God will never be what it could and should be unless we deepen that relationship through authentic and appropriate praise and worship. It’s all about communicating with Him and letting the relationship we were intended to have from the beginning actually begin to happen.

That’s enough about that for now. But you can know that we’re a soundly Christian, totally Bible-believing ministry and fellowship of Believers who aren’t weirdly Pentecostal, but totally believe in the gifts and work of the Holy Spirit today. We are not officially connected with any particular denomination.

Also – we don’t do “church as usual,” so don’t expect elevator music and a nice quiet service to doze off. And this isn’t a place where you’ll find coffee and donuts or a place where you can get away from your kids –  we keep the family together for our brief gatherings (rarely more that an hour). The plate won’t be passed, but there is a basket in the back for you to follow the Lord’s teaching about giving. We don’t do a lot of things generally associated with “church.” We pretty much just worship, pray, and study the Word . . . that’s all we have time for. It’s really great fun!