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City council adopts urban water management plan 

Mayor Steve Martin

Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin

City is already meeting 2020 goals set by statepaso-city-seal

–On Tuesday, the Paso Robles City Council voted on the acceptance of an urban water management plan in order to meet requirements of the state Urban Water Management Planning Act.

The plan documents sources of water supply and the planned use of available supplies, estimates water demand and water use targets, documents the city’s water shortage contingency plan, and describes the implementation of demand management measures needed to meet requirements.

The state mandated water use target for 2020 is 193 gallons per capita per day. According to city staff, this quota is already met and if the positive forward motion continues, the city may be able to revert back to water standards of 2013, allowing water usage to be had on a bit of a larger scale and for necessary city improvements.

The city’s water portfolio includes Salinas River water, Nacimiento water, and basin wells.

Since the last update of the urban water management plan, the city has received additional Nacimiento water entitlement, continued to implement a comprehensive water conservation program, and has maintained compliance with the California Urban Water Conservation Council’s Memorandum of Understanding.

Mayor Steve Martin applauded the community of Paso Robles for adhering to strict regulations regarding water usage commenting that without further push from the council; the people have obligingly cooperated to the city’s necessary water control. As a result of this respect to water issues and the importance of its effect on the community, Paso Robles is ahead of the 2020 goal to meet the 193, having already accomplished that goal.

The council approved the adoption of the plan.

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