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2022 Laminate Flooring Trends You Won’t Want To Miss 



Laminate flooring is a hybrid floor with a base made of particle board and topped off with a high-definition image to match the design you want to mimic. On top of that, you will find a coating that improves the material’s durability and makes it more water-resistant. Since the first layer is wood, it is imperative to have a material coating over the top to prevent it from swelling due to water or moisture.

As with all other types of flooring and home design industries, there will be some 2022 laminate flooring trends you won’t want to miss. Let’s take a quick look at them.

  • Hardwood Laminate Flooring – Hardwood laminate flooring is the one style that never goes out of season. It can be made to resemble any wood design or grain type, and it is much more cost-effective than most hardwood flooring on the market.
  • Plank Laminate Flooring – If you have seen old barn wood you know what wide plank flooring looks like. You also know how amazing it can look with a bit of work. Plank laminate takes that concept by making the pieces much wider than the normal planks, but they are still manufactured to resemble hardwood designs.
  • Light-Colored Laminate Flooring – Even though many of the newer designs for flooring are shifting towards darker tones, such as browns and black marble, the light-colored floor will always be in demand. They look great, blend in with any furniture and wall colors, and are durable.
  • Water Resistant Laminate Flooring – A massive issue for many flooring options today is that they are susceptible to water damage. Laminate flooring is made with an outer coating to help protect it from wear and tear, but they can also have a water-resistant coating added into the mix to help prevent water damage.
  • Scratch Resistant Laminate Flooring – In the past, you would have to avoid using hardwood floors if you had children, pets, or both. Even the first laminate products that came out onto the market could be easily damaged by the claws of your fur babies and the rough treatments dished out by your children. Now, a coating is automatically added during the manufacturing process to laminate floors so they can hold up to the two most damaging aspects of life.
  • Staggered Colors and Styles – The days when the flooring colors had to match perfectly are long gone. You will no longer need to go through all the flooring pieces to keep the colors and grain designs matching. One of the trends for the year is to mix things up a bit. The finished floor will look like a mixture of many colors and designs but will look great together if you take the time to stagger them effectively.
  • Non-Traditional Laminate Flooring – Whenever you see a wood or laminate floor, you expect the designs to be straight and matching. The newest trend shifts away from this type of thinking by making designs in a diagonal, or herringbone, styles. Both ways offer a great-looking floor that is more modern and eye-appealing.

Most of the trends you will see throughout 2022 and beyond will be bolder styles that make a statement about the home or the homeowners. The traditional looks of having everything match perfectly are long gone for most of you.

Because of your busy schedules, you do not want to deal with floors that need a ton of care and maintenance to keep them in good shape. Laminate floors offer many different styles and designs, and even have options to improve the pieces with extra protection against moisture, water, and heavy foot traffic.



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