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4 Care And Maintenance Tips For Your Vaping Devices 


Simply turning on your vape, filling it up, and inhaling could seem like a straightforward way to get your nicotine fix. If not appropriately taken care of, the flavorful e-liquid that you love might not taste anything similar. At worst, your device might entirely just not work.  

Vapes require regular care, like any other electronic device. Doing so helps prolong the device’s longevity and ensure your e-liquids stay fresh for the best vaping experience possible. It’s simple to accomplish once you know how to do it.  

When it comes to cleaning vapes, you must first identify the type of vape you own. There are the basic and mainstream ones, such as box mods or pod systems. Unique devices like dab rigs mostly follow the same general cleaning tips but vary a bit differently in some ways. For a more thorough guide to cleaning dab rigs, you should check this article published here.

Meanwhile, this article provides a compilation of general vape servicing tips that cater to most vapes. If you’re interested in learning how to properly maintain your device, continue reading.

Two Categories For Vape Devices

First, you need to know the two categories of common vape devices so you can identify the model you own. Also, knowing the basic mechanics of your vape equipment will make routine maintenance and cleaning a breeze.  

  • Nicotine Vape Devices: Powered by lithium-ion batteries, these portable gadgets are intended to provide a smoking-like experience without using fire. You can choose between tobacco, dessert, and unflavored e-liquids, and the nicotine concentration can range from 0% to 5%.
  • Cannabis Vape Devices: Powered by lithium-ion batteries as well, but there are desktop types that require more power and utilize a power supply that directly connects to a wall outlet. With this device, you can typically vaporize dry herbs, THC, and CBD oil concentrates.  

Even though they vaporize different substances, they sometimes possess similar components. Some care methods designed for one category can be used for the other. Consequently, if you want to approach this correctly, here are some tips to consider:

  • Clean And Maintain The Tanks

Every time you change the flavor of your e-liquid or use a different THC or CBD strain, you should clean your vape tank. It will eliminate any leftovers and keep the flavors from blending. If you primarily vape for nicotine and just purchased a fresh e-liquid with a fruity flavor, you don’t want the residues of last week’s e-liquid with a dessert flavor to ruin the experience! If you are using vape pens, be sure to check the manual with your device to ensure that this guide aligns with its needs. 

Cleaning vape tanks by switching between e-liquid and THC strains will allow your flavors to come through with full force.

But before you can clean a vape tank, you must disassemble the device. Immediately after removing the tank from the battery mod and the coil from the tank, clean the tank of any remaining gunk. Then, separate any other tank section components, such as the mouthpiece.

Next, place all tank components except the coil in a bowl of warm water. You can also use a little dish soap for a slightly more thorough cleaning. You must clean the pieces in water for a few minutes and scrub them well with an old toothbrush.

After using dishwashing solutions, thoroughly rinse your dishes with clean water. After cleaning the tank, wipe each item with a dry towel and let them air dry completely.

  • Replace The Coils At The Right Time

Coils are the deciding factor in how satisfying a vape hit will be. A new or well-maintained coil may bring out the flavor, giving your throat just the right amount of pleasure. However, even the most vibrant flavors will be muted by a heavily used coil, rendering your vaping experience unpleasant. 

Consequently, changing coils promptly will improve the vaping experience. When the flavor begins to fade, you should replace the coils. The frequency of use is more significant than relying on a set amount of time before a coil burns out.

Some cannabis vaporizer coils are disposable and can’t be cleaned. Educating yourself on the types of cannabis vaping devices is crucial to learn as it will help you decide if you can clean your cannabis vape coil or if a new one must be purchased when it becomes foul.

  • Keep The Batteries Away From Heat Sources

As the vape’s heart, the battery should be given cautious upkeep and care, as its failure might have dire consequences for the user or bystanders. Keeping batteries out of the heat and direct sunshine is essential to battery maintenance. Batteries should never be left in a hot, closed environment. 

Additionally, it would be best to avoid overcharging the batteries, as doing so might have disastrous consequences.

  • Maintain An Ideal Level Of E-Liquid In Your Tank

When continuously vaping, keeping a certain amount of e-liquid within your tank is crucial, as running it dry may result in overstressing your coil and the cotton. If not abided by, you will probably experience a dry hit. A dry hit is an awful hit that tastes like burnt smoke. 

At the same time, don’t overfill your tank, as leaks may cause components to be damaged. 

Usually, there’s a visual guide in the tank on where the limits are, or you can also check the manual that comes with the device for an exact measurement. Ensure you follow them for an overall better experience.


This guide was inspired to help make your time spent vaping as pleasant and trouble-free as possible. Regarding everyone’s health, prevention is always preferable over repairs and treatments. Several potential issues that vapers can run into can be avoided with just minimal work. With these little adjustments, vape juices should taste better, and vaping devices should function more efficiently and safely.


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