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5 smart ways to generate more leads 

Understanding your user is a critical part of any online store, we need to be able to use metrics and KPIs to monitor success and sales. It doesn’t matter whether you have the best product in the world or an irresistible offer; your business will irrefutably flop if you don’t have enough leads. More leads equate to more sales, revenue, and profits. We have covered the fundamentals of lead generation and how you can generate additional leads. 

What is Lead Generation?

Simply put, a lead is a business’s potential client or prospect. Every business needs customers to thrive, and it takes time and effort to build a reliable customer base. Therefore, lead generation is the process through which a business raises awareness and interest in its product or service to attract new clients. 

Companies collect essential information about prospects during this stage, like their wants, needs, and preferences. They then use the data to customize their lead nurturing process and ensure they meet their prospects’ needs. The ultimate goal/aim of the lead generation process is to maximize the chances of potential consumers becoming paying customers.

Five Ways to Generate More Leads

You can use several techniques to turn strangers into leads and then prospects into paying customers. But not all these techniques will work for your unique business and circumstances, so it’s worth having realistic expectations and being flexible enough to try as many options as possible. Here are our top five techniques for generating more business leads.  

  1. Optimize Your Web Pages for Conversions

Your website must be the starting point for your online lead generation initiatives. If you drive traffic to your site through Google, social media, or word-of-mouth, but those visitors don’t take any action, your team will waste time and effort. Using data analytics to understand how your users navigate your site and convert is crucial, in order to optimize those pathways. 

You should optimize your website to persuade people to take action – whatever that action may be. Generally, when it comes to lead generation, your aim should be to capture a prospect’s contact details, e.g., their name, email address, phone number, and other qualifying attributes that will aid your selling process.

How do you go about doing this? Well, there are some best practices that your web pages should adhere to if you are to build a robust lead generation system. Some of them include integrating pop-ups and live chat features into your website.

  1. Consider Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing entails contacting potential clients who may know they have a problem but are not actively seeking a solution. While some people might consider cold calling, cold emailing, or handing out flyers as backbreaking, outbound marketing could be very effective when done correctly. Additionally, these techniques allow you to receive immediate feedback. 

That said, unsolicited sales pitches are seldom well received. Cold calls, emails, and advertisements can be very irritating, especially if the leads are not interested in your goods or services. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your offer is appropriate for the individual you’re contacting.

  1. Leverage Customer Reviews

More than 50% of Americans trust user-generated content like customer testimonials and reviews more than any other content or information on a business website. Customers and prospects are tired of being closed, and they want the freedom to choose what they want from who they trust. 

But how can they trust a business if they are buying for the first time? That is where customer reviews come in. Genuine reviews from verified customers increase brand trust and reputation. Nobody wants to risk buying from a company that has not sold the product/service in question to any other customer. The odds that the product may not be good are just too high. That’s why businesses implement customer reviews on their site and even make them available to reputed third-party sites such as Google Review. 

However, the trick with customer reviews is to ensure you have quality and genuine reviews from willing customers. The worst that can happen is to use dishonest ways or trick your customers into leaving positive reviews only. This will cause more harm than good. Instead, you should learn how to ask for reviews such that your customers are happy and willing to help. 

  1. Use Social Media

Social media is a terrific tool that drives leads for most businesses. With roughly 45 percent of the global population using it and nearly half of those people utilizing it daily, it has never been easier to generate many prospective customers for your business. To succeed with social media platforms, you need to build a solid authority in your niche to command a large audience. 

You should engage your prospects with fun and informational content that addresses their pain points. Consider posting short video content, images, and articles that regularly engage your target demographics. You can also create posts with relevant stories and questions to invite conversations. Another trick is to respond to comments and questions to further your audience. Some of the best platforms to establish your social presence include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  1. Make Use of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the marketing channels/techniques that have withstood the test of time. They also provide a sizeable return on investment (ROI). Email marketing may take a bit of time to generate leads, but the leads you get are much more valuable than those obtained through other means. 

If you have an email list of prospects who signed up to receive your company’s emails, now might be the time to turn them into customers. Send tailored, enticing emails with captivating subject lines that entice recipients to click and read your email. Put calls-to-action (CTAs) at the bottom of your emails to encourage your readers to take action. You may, for example, prompt users to visit your website to explore your products or services. Or, you could request them to call for a free consultation.


Leads are the unsung heroes your business needs to make a profit. Knowing how to attract, nurture and retain these leads is crucial for business continuity and success. The five tips we have highlighted aren’t exhaustive but are a perfect place to start. Remember to always put your prospects’ needs before yours. Treat them well, and they will remember your business and remain loyal during the sweet and tough times. 


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