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5 Tips and Tricks on How to Make an Essay Longer 

A lot of details are required in an essay and a student must research extensively to gather all the details required and write them. There is the introduction, detailed points in the body, summarized conclusion, and references.

Even with all the information, the toughest part a student may experience is hitting the right word count or expected number of pages. Some students can be tempted to add fluffy words or unnecessary information to lengthen their college admission essay writing. You can use these tricks and tips to make your essay longer.

Add more details

In the classroom, you might have probably been taught the importance of being brief and direct to the point. This teaching is not wrong, but it is better applicable in other circumstances in life. An essay requires deeper details to make your points as elaborate as possible.

When your essay is short of the right word count, read through your points and elaborate on them further. Be sure the information you add is relevant and avoid fluff. If you had five strong points with a brief, to-the-point explanation, revisit them and add more information.

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Use several examples

Examples help to prove or make your argument stronger but they must be given in the right way. One example for each point might make your essay fall short of word count. If you research deeper, you will not luck more examples that you can use to add weight to your points. Use them wisely lest you affect the flow of your essay.

Read and confirm every detail is included

Before you start to write your essay, you should begin with an outline and write down the structure and the points you will use to make your essay look good. There are also the points your teacher wrote and asked you to include.

Read through your essay again and tick against your rough outline to make sure you have included every point your teacher gave you and the points from your ideas. If you are missing any point, work on it and use detailed information.

Do extensive research

Your essay word count can be affected by the level of your research. If you did shallow research, you would have fewer points and your essay would be short. Go deeper into research and gather as much information as possible.

Students who immerse themselves into deeper research will mostly have more than enough points to use in their essays. Try this trick and you’ll be surprised to find yourself with points that you cannot include in your essay because you’ve already hit the required word count.

Include more quotations

Quoting someone else in your essay helps add value to it. If you fail to use quotations sparingly and in the right way, it might make your essay look poorly written. When they are used in the right way, they make your points stronger and you can earn more marks. Find out if you can get more relevant quotations and use them wisely to make your essay look good.

Use transitional sentences and phrases

Transitional sentences and phrases help to show how a paragraph or text section is related to the other. They create greater cohesion by helping to bridge one idea to the other. An example can be – you have important information to give, but no one pays attention. You are requesting a deal, but you are ignored.

There are many transitional sentences and phrases you can think about but they must add value to your essay and make the flow smooth. When used correctly, they will turn your essay into a great piece of writing.


Your essay might not meet the word count in your first round of writing, but if you revise it slowly and keenly, you create more words, sentences, and phrases to help lengthen it. The best trick is to take your time to research extensively to get more than enough information to use in your essay. When arguing on your points, do not use direct-to-the-point arguments, but elaborate as much as you can.

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Michael Turner works in a technology startup as the lead copywriter and his contribution in terms of emails and landing pages has ensured great success for the company. He’s equally good in his freelancing gigs as an academic writer and his expertise is in thesis and essays. His free time is for reading fiction, playing strategy games and watching mixed martial arts.




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