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5 Ways Building Can Secure Entrance 

Safety comes first, and therefore you should do everything in your ability to keep safe and sound. In today’s article, we’ll share 5 ways by which you can secure your organization/building from the entrance of is persons. Access control, in this case physical access control, is important for several reasons. For one it protects the equipment and confidential data in offices. Second, it ensures that no third party harm employees are working in a building. Let’s take a look at the 5 methods by which buildings can ensure the ingress of authorized individuals.

1.    Get Secure Doors

What better way to secure the entrance of a building or office than to implement secure doors? Such doors can be used in banks, government buildings, embassies and more. They control the entrance of individuals in certain ways. They may require you to submit a password in order to enter, a fingerprint, maybe even an iris or retina print. One type of door that can provide secure entries are the turnstile doors which allow one person to pass at a single time.  There are several different kinds of turnstile doors you can go for, for instance, the optical turnstile or the waist-high turnstile.

2.    Say No to Tailgating

Tailgating is the act of an authorized person opening the door to permit the entrance, of an unauthorized person into a secure setting. You may be thinking that opening the door for another individual is a kind act, but it is far from it in this case. Not only could you be putting other employees at risk of threat, but yourself too. All representatives in any given organization should be provided insight to not hold the door open for an authorize individual; everyone should use their own fingerprint, password, or whatever method they follow to enter the building or office.

3.    Regularly Check Your Security System

Another great way to maintain high security in entering an establishment is to check your security systems regularly. By saying security systems, we mean any electronic device like biometrics, video cameras, automated doors, and whatever else you may utilize to enhance ingress security. By regularly checking your security system, you get to know if the devices are functioning as they should and if any equipment needs to be replaced. This further bolsters your security system. We recommend you check your systems every 3 months or so.

4.    Update Technology

Technology just keeps growing and growing; electronics are becoming more advanced and more technical than ever. Hence, we need to make sure that we keep our electronics up-to-date so we can reap the benefits the new electronics may have to offer. This is important because these new features could be those we have demanded; it could be something that the old model failed to provide. So, if there is a new electronic device available in the market that can improve the security in the building then you should incorporate that into your security system.

5.    Install Video Cameras

Installing security video cameras on the entrance gates and around the building is a great way to ensure safety. This is important because in case there was an invalid entrance made, you most probably caught that on camera and therefore can determine the suspect. You can further strengthen this mode of security by coupling it with intelligent video software. Moreover, you can even hire security guards to further assist you in maintaining the entrance of authorized individuals. Employees should also be encouraged to wear their work ID cards at all times to prove their identification.

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