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8 company swag ideas for growing companies 


Company-branded outfits and accessories are now part of the entire workplace culture. Even on your commute, you must have seen a few people rocking sweatshirts and bags with Google insignia — or some other company. 

But as we get deeper into the cold months, companies are adding cool swag items to the mix of cool company paraphernalia. Nothing like cozying up with warm sweaters or socks from your favorite company.

Let’s explore some cool company swag ideas for holidays and birthdays.

Fitness gear

Fitness is now commonplace in most workplaces and countries. Most people now engage in one fitness activity: yoga, Crossfit, pilates, jogging, cycling, or bodybuilding. 

And this current fitness era presents multiple opportunities to create swag ideas that can boost your company’s public perception.

For example, you can create gym socks, yoga mats, and water bottles with company branding. 

Tech wearables

Smartwatches are becoming more common than regular watches because of their versatility, usability, and widespread applicability. So, you can swag up company gifts with these wearables and gift them to your employees.

But if wearables are beyond your budget, you can buy customized fitness bands (fitbits) for everyone in the company. You can also add a portable blender to the mix. 

Eco-friendly goods

With climate change becoming a hot-button topic in recent times, people are focusing their attention on positively impacting the environment. And that’s why most people are buying eco-friendly goods.

But can eco-friendly products make great swag gifts?

Of course! With the right design approach, your company can craft recyclable bag designs that everyone wants to rock. 

Apart from bags, you can also share other gifts like composting or recycling calendars with your employees. Another option is to gift subscriptions to services that track an individual’s carbon footprint.

Card games

When it comes to ideas for company swag, card games top the charts. Card games are excellent gift ideas because they have a long lifespan and are suitable for various settings.

For instance, your employees can use company-branded UNO cards for team-building activities. They can also take these cards home to play with their friends and family.

So, your company solidifies its coolness factor while providing an opportunity for people to bond over an activity.

T-shirts and sweatshirtrts

T-shirts and sweatshirts are some of the best company swag ideas out there, and that’s why massive corporations and even academic institutions use them for branding. Companies like Google, Google, and Amazon still use these gifts to maintain that cool factor. 

But t-shirts and sweatshirts can only work as swag gifts if people are willing to wear them. Let’s face it; nobody will rock your t-shirt if the design or color scheme is ugly. And if you are a growing company, not even your employees will wear them.

So, consult with designers to come up with slogans, insignia, or logo designs for branded t-shirts and sweatshirts that people will wear without thinking twice.

Sweets and treats

Sweets and treats are gift items that people receive regularly. But you can stand out by adding a different spin to it. Instead of handing out candy from generic brands, spend the time to come up with a customized candy wrapper that bears your company’s logo.

Don’t stop there; use eye-catching gift-wrapping techniques to make the treats giftable (or “regiftable”). Since sweets are affordable, people don’t worry about sharing them with their friends and family, thus spreading your brand across the population.

Desk accessories

You can also come up with gift ideas that can help your employees with their work, whether in the office or working from home. 

Notebooks are a great starting point for company gifts. You can also add some stationery to spice up the gift package. Travel kits are also excellent gift ideas for staff members heading on vacation.

Other essentials include branded employee necklaces, sticky notes, stickers, water bottles, and mouse pads.

Reusable goods

We’ve already discussed eco-friendly products as gift ideas. Now let’s focus more on reusable goods.

Grocery bags are also excellent gift ideas for growing companies because they are durable over extended periods. You can also throw in a tote bag in the package. Kitchen tools and household goods are also solid gift ideas to consider for any growing company. 


The range of gift ideas you can explore is limitless. But we have pointed out these specific ideas because they are practical and affordable. The most important thing when creating a gift is to connect with the recipient emotionally, and the gifts on this list excel in this regard.

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