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A Breakdown Of Golden State Warriors This Coming 2022 Playoffs 

A Breakdown Of Golden State Warriors This Coming 2022 Playoffs

Nobody can easily forget the Golden State Warriors’ Golden Dynasty led by the two-time National Basketball Association MVP and scoring champion Stephen Curry alongside notable basketball stars such as Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and Draymond Green. GSW has won three championships within four seasons, establishing its name in the NBA as one of the greatest teams.

After some time, the Golden State Warriors couldn’t win another championship due to issues like injuries to Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant. As a result, the golden dynasty had to adjust their roster for a few years, making them miss some playoff appearances.

During the 2022 season, the GSW has a standing 52-29, placing them on the third seed of the Western Conference in the NBA, looking for a comeback and reclaim their throne. But the question is, can the GSW do it? Are they the same team during the Golden Dynasty where they ran over other NBA teams to win the playoffs?

Let’s take a quick breakdown of the Golden State Warriors’ current state to the upcoming playoffs.

Stephen Curry Injury

If you’re a fan of NBA Finals Odds, you need to consider every factor concerning your betting team. Such as a missing superstar like Stephen Curry, who suffers from a sprained ligament. Having an injured player on your team, especially a player who has an essential role in the team, will affect the odds of winning the championship. Unfortunately, as of now, there are still no other updates regarding his injury.

Stephen Curry, known as the “The Golden Boy,” is a major key player and leader of the Golden State Warriors. He has helped the franchise gain additional three championship rings and break some insane records throughout his career. So seeing him missing even for a few games could bring some fans to the edge of their seat. However, other teams see this as an opportunity.

Without the team leader, the GSW is struggling in the absence of Steph Curry, especially when the playoffs are near and you’re looking for a comeback. This affects their odds of winning this season’s championship run. Though there are times that the GSW can pull through games without their superstar if they want to win, the team will undergo a challenging path

Klay Thompson’s Return

After the loss from the Toronto Raptors, Klay Thompson suffered from an Achilles injury. Klay missed a couple of seasons to focus on recovering from his injury. This 2022 season, the dear splash brother is back alongside his team. Klay was influential on the court during his comeback games and showed he still has the touch despite the injury, which is a good sign for this upcoming playoffs.

Even though Klay Thompson has returned, there is no guarantee that his body is 100% as it used to be. You may not see it, but the superstar needs to adjust to his game to stay healthy and continue playing. However, with one of the top-caliber players back on the lineup, the championship run for GSW has a better chance of winning.

The Rise of Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole is one of the fresh players produced by the Golden State Warriors. During Steph’s and Klay’s absence, he was able to step up on the court and become the commanding officer. Once Poole was sent on this assignment, he became a monster at scoring three-pointers, assists, and flashy highlights.

Jordan has scored an average of 18.5 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 4.0 assists this 2021-2022 season, which became a crucial factor in helping the Warriors claim the 3rd seed in the western conference. If he can bring his game this upcoming playoff, the success of Golden State’s comeback will be huge.

Poole has played consistently, and throughout the 2022 season, he and Steph Curry led Golden State Warriors to rebuild its reputation again. Currently, Jordan has more pressure on this upcoming playoffs knowing that Steph Curry is still injured. Despite that, he was still able to do his role and was recognized by Klay and Steve Kerr for his efforts on the court.


Another thing to look down on is the experience of the players. GSW’s roster is full of veteran and fresh players, and most of them still haven’t experienced the playoffs. It could be a factor in the GSW’s comeback run, as the lack of experience can cause their loss. Especially with some of their key players absent, it puts them under more pressure.

Though the GSW can win games with their missing superstars, as long as the team focuses on its goal, the experience can develop accordingly. It also has a positive effect, such as allowing other players to show their true potential, such as Jordan Poole, who has gained numerous experiences and improved.


The Golden State Warriors have developed this season, with 20.3 percent turnovers made. But, again, with the lack of experience, the inconsistency of the players will show. So far, this can be a factor in the upcoming playoffs if the coach and the management will not do something about it. If not, the team will continue to lose and miss the chance to win a playoff comeback.

One of their games to note is their loss against the Orlando Magic, which the Warriors’ forward Draymond Green considers one of the league’s worst teams. Steve Kerr, alongside Green, did admit that they were not playing well since Curry was out due to an injury during the game with the Boston Celtics. If GSW can resolve this issue, their chances of winning the first round will be high and proceed until the finals.

Final Thoughts

The Golden State Warriors can win this comeback championship run if the players are consistent in their performances. However, it’s hard to admit that the absence of Steph Curry dramatically affects the chances of winning for the team. GSW might not be the same during its gold dynasty, but they are still a contender for the playoffs.

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