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A New Day For Protective Sports Eyewear 

Growing up, I never considered myself sporty or athletic. I assumed that I’d fail at any such activity I tried. One reason for this was that I wore glasses.

My glasses not only made me feel like I was supposed to be more academic than sporty but also served as a barrier to entry. After all, any sport I tried would be difficult to navigate with glasses on, with the constant fear that they’d fall off or be broken on contact with others. I knew just how expensive a new pair of glasses could be.

In my twenties, however, I decided that I needed to get in shape and started running. It turned out that my long legs and natural fitness were perfectly suited to athletics! However, my glasses still provided a barrier.

They would start slipping off my face with a bit of sweat and I hated how they looked with a string around the back of my head. I also had to contend with the harsh glare of the sun, as prescription sunglasses seemed like too much of an indulgence for outdoor activity.

The good news is that those issues no longer bother me. We’ve reached a new day for protective sports eyewear that is comfortable and hardy. Here is what you need to know about what is available.

Regular sports glasses

Let’s start with regular glasses. You no longer have to worry about messing them up or finding a way to keep them on, as you can get an affordable pair of sports glasses. Instead of putting your expensive day-to-day pair at risk, you get a cheaper, stronger pair.

These glasses are designed to fit your face closely, with lenses that will not break without a tremendous amount of effort. You can even get them with anti-glare protection so that you don’t have to have your face scrunched up at all times.

There are many options available nowadays, so practicality can come with style.


You can now also get affordable prescription sports sunglasses. These sunglasses will keep your eyes safe from contact, from the glare of the sun, and from falling off. Even if you have until now hated the look of sports sunglasses, there are new styles that will suit your face.

These sunglasses also come with wraparound options, to give you the best peripheral vision. If you are playing team sports, this is particularly important, as not being able to see where your teammates and opponents are is a major disadvantage.

The way we see sports glasses is still stuck in the past. They are no longer expensive but ugly frames that break easily. Rather, they are affordable, look great, and are hardy enough to wear during certain contact sports.

Of course, you need to use your discretion. A pair of glasses suitable for playing soccer will not be suited to playing football or rugby. However, poor eyesight no longer needs to hold you back from doing the athletic activities you love.


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