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Air Conditioning Repair Company In Atascadero Reports ‘The Health Benefits Of Air Conditioning’ 

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–Air Rite, providing air conditioning repair to Atascadero and the California Central Coast, has released a report about the health benefits of air conditioning. In regions with high summer temperatures, air conditioning is especially important to those with certain health issues and life situations.

The health benefits of air conditioning

Air conditioning (AC) provides a sanctuary from hot and humid summer days. Children, senior citizens and anyone with health conditions, especially respiratory issues, high blood pressure and heart conditions are especially vulnerable to high temperatures. Not only is it important to have AC in homes, schools, work and public places, it is equally important to make sure the air conditioning is in good repair. Atascadero heating and AC (HVAC) company, Air Rite, has specialized in installation and repair of HVAC systems since 1983.

Not only have these years of experience have demonstrated the benefits of AC to owners, Rick and Arne Johansen, and the staff at the company, their experience is supported by a report from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This report states that taking precautions that include air conditioning and staying hydrated can prevent death and illness from heat exposure.

The CDC reports that more than 618 people die every year from exposure to high temperatures. People who are especially vulnerable to heat-induced illness and perhaps death include:

  • Children who are frequently engrossed in outdoor activities and don’t realize they need to drink water and go inside to cool off
  • Senior citizens living without AC
  • People on certain kinds of medication that make them more susceptible to hot weather
  • People with certain kinds of health conditions such as respiratory diseases, high blood pressure and heart disease
  • Athletes and workers who participate in strenuous outdoor activities

A well air-conditioned home or workplace helps keep body temperatures and blood pressure at safe levels. Other benefits are:

  • Better air quality. Air conditioners circulate and filter air, removing pollutants and mold from the air. Good air quality is especially important to people with respiratory conditions.
  • Improved work efficiency. The energy the body uses to cool down interferes with our ability to think and reasons. People working in offices with AC are more productive.
  • Better moods. Heat slows down brain function and speeds up heart rates and blood pressure, leading to aggressive behavior. AC helps maintain cool attitudes and peace at home, work and during public activities.
  • Better sleep. The physical changes from overheating that changes our moods also make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Our core body temperature is critical for a good night’s sleep. Our bodies function best with temperatures between 65 and 75-degrees.

Air conditioning is only as good as the air quality it delivers. To be sure that your AC is performing to the best capacity, contact Air Rite, the air conditioning repair company in Atascadero for an AC check-up. The company’s expert team of technicians is on call to fix problems any time, day or night.

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