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Arroyo Grande Dentist, Dr. Perry Patel, Announces Dermal Fillers Now Available For Patients 

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–Dr. Perry Patel, an Arroyo Grande dentist, recently announced that he has been certified by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE) to administer dermal filler injections. Dr. Patel offers Juvederm® dermal fillers and SkinMedica® professional medical-grade skincare products.

Dr. Patel has also been certified by the AAFE to administer Botox injections to help patients get relief from a wide range of orofacial conditions that contribute to dental problems, such as tooth grinding, temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), and other conditions involving the tongue, jaw and the headaches that accompany these conditions.

Dermal fillers replace lost hyaluronic acid, which is the body’s natural filler substance. As we age, we lose hyaluronic acid and the face starts to show this loss with deeper nasolabial folds, marionette lines and thinning lips. Dermal fillers can be injected to replace the lost volume, creating a younger look. Dermal fillers can be used for lip augmentation, asymmetrical lips and for completing certain dentistry procedures to frame the bright new smile that comes with successful dental procedures.

Medical-grade skincare products give patients even more options for reversing the signs of aging skin. These products are designed to provide deep treatment solutions for patients with serious skin issues or concerns about fine lines and wrinkles. These products can only be purchased from medical and dental professionals who are also monitoring the effect the product is having.

The effect of dermal fillers typically last anywhere from six to 12 months and can be repeated. Botox and dermal fillers procedures take anywhere from five to 15 minutes.

Why see a dentist for dermal fillers? Because:

  • Dentists receive extensive training in head and neck anatomy, oral pathology and dental pathologies that affect the appearance of the face.
  • Dentists know how to make these injections comfortable, quick, and relatively painless.

The application of Botox in dentistry has increased to help treat physical and cosmetic conditions and may be an alternative when other treatments have failed. Botox can be used in a dental office as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for a wide range of issues such as tooth clenching and grinding, tongue tension, temporomandibular joint disorders, commonly referred to as TMJ, and other disorders that involve chewing, the tongue, ability to open and close the jaw and the headaches that accompany these conditions.

The American Academy of Facial Esthetics is a professional healthcare organization with the mission to teach the best non-surgical and non-invasive facial injectable techniques to healthcare professionals worldwide. The AAFE is comprised of physicians, dentists, nurses and other healthcare professionals committed to providing the best possible outcomes in areas of facial esthetics and facial pain treatment.

Dr. Perry Patel provides dental care for all needs from children to senior citizens. Services include emergency dental care, check-ups and cleanings, general dentistry and advanced dental care. Dr. Patel has a professional passion for dental and facial esthetics and performs all Botox and dermal filler injections himself. His office provides Netflix for viewing during appointments and we use Nitrous Oxide Gas, often referred to as laughing gas, as an effective anesthetic during dental treatments.

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