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The ARTery presents Multiple Artistic Disorder 


Migration III by Jami Jorgersen

Jami Jorgensen’s paintings will be on display until Nov. 1

The ARTery, 5890 Traffic Way in Atascadero, will hold an opening reception for Jami Jorgensen’s paintings: “M.A.D.,” Multiple Artistic Disorder, on Friday, Aug. 22 from 7 to 10 p.m. The reception will include live music by Angelica Tavella and Friends. The show will run until Nov. 1.


Attack of the 50 ft Drunk by Jami Jorgersen

“I am and always have been an artist in more ways than one. I move through mediums all day whether it is sleeping, dreaming, singing, dancing, writing, drawing, painting, sewing, dressing myself, Facebooking, picking up an instrument or playing with my kids,” Jorgersen said. “I am a mother and a wife, a part-time cleaning lady and a waitress, an artist and a woman of rapid self-reinvention.”

She said that society has always told her to just pick one thing and become really good at it; however, she has never had much interest in perfection or mastering one medium.

“Visual arts and mixed media is the one place where I can pull all aspects of my creativity together at once and that is exactly why I love doing it,” Jorgersen said. “I work fast and impulsively. Acrylic paint works well for me because it drys quickly and is the most forgiving of my impatient nature. Molding paste, a sewing kit and a glue gun keep me well armed in executing most of the textures and collage effects that are consistent in my work.”

Jorgersen’s body of work developed for the show is meant to lend a certain amount of transparency to the creative inner workings of being an artist. Jorgersen said that people will see a variety of artistic skills and passions that are literally fused to the human form in the paintings.

“A woman with paint brush extremities, a piano in place of a human heart, or a human carousel on a pedestal. All deliberately built in layers exposing areas of strength and weakness but above all versatility,” she said.

The opening will also mark The ARTery’s 11th year in business in Atascadero. For more information, go to or call 464-0533.


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