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Assisted Living in San Luis Obispo, The Manse On Marsh, Reports On The Top Assisted Living Trends For 2018 

–This week, The Manse on Marsh, provider of assisted living in San Luis Obispo, compiled a list of the top new assisted living trends. San Luis Obispo has a forward thinking facility, which is making the difference for a healthier, and much happier new years. Assisted living providers know that 75-percent of seniors require help with their daily living activities. Keeping up with the latest in trends, medical care and housing for seniors is important to The Manse.

With an emergence of health conscious technology, this year is set to have more streamlined healthcare options and lifestyle choices which can help tackle the 80-percent of seniors with chronic health conditions. The integration and innovation is getting better each day, making sure that issues are promptly met and dealt with. Hands-on compassionate care is ensured to give each resident the attention they need on a daily basis.

The report is available on the Manse on Marsh website, or can be read below.

Top assisted living trends for 2018

Gone are the days of the “nursing homes” where residents lived out their days with little social interaction. A new era of friendly person-centered care will lead the design and function of assisted living communities of the future. As the senior population blooms, 2018 will see more assisted living communities designed specifically to appeal to specific groups of seniors with similar courtesies and customs.

Some of the top trends The Manse is focusing on this year include:

  • Thoughtfully designed units with integrated medical systems, which will be making a difference in living spaces of those who are in need.
  • Personalized living spaces, from the size of the space to decor. Keeping the residents comfortable in a homey environment helps the residents in assisted living San Luis Obispo stay happy.
  • New food options, menu items, and custom dietary needs are addressed. The Manse is always keeping up with the latest in nutritional guidelines and recommendations, while encouraging a healthy balanced diet and stress-free access to freshly prepared meals.
  • Choice in activities including all the latest in trends in exercise, socialization and beneficial growth to each unique person’s needs.
  • Access to culture, libraries, shops and restaurants in the local area, keep residents connected to the community all year round.
  • Smart designed spaces with smaller footprints, kitchenettes, and personalized room options.
  • Social environments like restaurants and cyber cafes provide much needed meeting grounds for residents who like to share time together.
  • Safety features keeping residents safe from harm.
  • Maintenance and transportation innovations keeping staff updated on resident needs.

The Manse on Marsh is giving assisted living in San Luis Obispo a much bigger emphasis on meaningful socialization, healing, and more. The assisted living community at The Manse is happy to be at the forefront, by offering a delightful menu of activities such as exercise classes, game nights, barbecues, performances, book clubs, and outings around San Luis Obispo’s movies, museums, shops and restaurants.

The elderly sometimes live with acute or chronic medical problems or disabilities. Although these circumstances require interventions and support, significant limitations may remain, including a division between medical and social care. The standards for quality living and assistance at the Manse make sure that residents can count on their needs being met with dignity and the highest degree of care.

The Manse on Marsh

475 Marsh Street

San Luis Obispo, Ca 93401

(805) 541-4222

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