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Atascadero Fire Damage Specialists issue report on fire and how it spreads 

fire damage Atascadero

Fire is a common element that is credited with being the most utilized in today’s society. It’s used for a multitude of things, baking, lighting, cooking, ceremonies, the list goes on and on. But what exactly is fire?

Most know it as that orange, hot wispy thing that is used to light cigarettes or cook food on a stove. But often times, fire can be the disaster waiting to turn a beloved household into a smoldering pile of ash. To fully understand how to prevent it from spreading, you have to know what it is and what feeds it. Today, Atascadero Fire Damage Specialists at SERVPRO have issued a report on what fire is, how it spreads, and how to prevent it from making a tragedy of a treasured home.

What is fire?

Fire is a chemical process requiring three essential factors: Oxygen, fuel, and an ignition source. Without these three components, a fire cannot start or will immediately extinguish. When a fire burns, a process called oxidation occurs, wherein oxygen atoms combine with carbon and hydrogen to form carbon dioxide and water; heat and energy is released very quickly. The rate of oxidation is particularly fast with paper and wood, and when heat can’t be released faster than it occurs it creates the phenomena known as fire.

How does it spread?

Once started, a fire is likely to spread until all fuel feeding it has been used to the point of extinction. This could mean devastation for a beloved home or business property. However, understanding the many fuels can assist in preventing the spreading.

  • Chemicals and combustibles – Lab chemicals, household cleaners, paint, and other such chemicals all cause a fire to burn hotter and more aggressively. Common household combustibles include mattresses, newspapers, and various fabrics.
  • Closed space – Closed spaces will burn up much faster than open space. It will trap the flames and only result in further smoke damage, not to mention creating a tough time for firefighters trying to eliminate the flame.
  • Ventilation – Buildings with central heating or air conditioning have ductwork which creates a pathway for smoke and flames to travel between floors.
  • Water – In some cases, such as grease fires, water will not extinguish the fire, but will actually help spread it. In this case, a special fire extinguisher or baking soda is best to put out the flame.

Fire Damage Atascadero

For many years SERVPRO has been a trusted name in San Luis Obispo County. Fast response, skilled experts, 24-hour emergency service, what more could be asked of a company? With a franchise in almost every area of the Central Coast, SERVPRO is able to arrive at the scene of a disaster in the timeliest manner possible to optimize restoration and reduce damage so they can quickly make it “Like it never happened.”


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