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Aviation Alliance of Paso Robles announces new Excalibur 421 Turbo Prop Conversion 

Excalibur 421 Turbo Prop Conversion
Excalibur 421 Turbo Prop Conversion

Excalibur 421 Turbo Prop Conversion

Jan. 23, 2013 — The Aviation Alliance of Paso Robles has announced its first business-aviation offering, the Excalibur 421. Featuring a remanufactured Cessna 421 airframe and Pratt & Whitney PT6A-135A turboprop engines, the Excalibur 421 also includes an extensive custom Garmin avionics suite and a new-generation interior cabin. Tires, brakes, de-icing, hydraulics and electrical systems are also all new.

“The Excalibur 421 is essentially a brand-new airplane,” said Jack Pelton , Aviation Alliance managing director of operations. “We own the PT6A STC (Supplemental Type Certificate), and we’re already flying a prototype, which is proving that our aggressive performance goals are realistic and achievable. There’s nothing flying that can come close to the value proposition and performance that we’re offering.”

“The Excalibur will be attractive to existing 421 owners as well as operators considering the purchase of single- or twin-engine cabin-class turboprops, new or pre-owned,” Pelton said. “We’re going to deliver an airplane that redefines the category.”

Initial pricing of the Excalibur 421 is $2.5 million. With a projected top speed of 327 kts and 1,420 nm maximum range (with IFR reserves), the Excalibur 421 pairs jet-like performance with twin-turboprop dependability, safety and efficiency. Excalibur 421 aerodynamic enhancements include winglets, vortex generators and aft strakes.

Remanufacturing, systems retrofitting and interior completions will be performed by Alliance team members located in Oklahoma City at the Oklahoma Jet Support Center and Capital Aviation. Excalibur 421 aircraft will be covered by warranties similar to OEM warranties on new aircraft.

The Excalibur 421 demonstration aircraft will be completed by late summer, with initial deliveries of new aircraft beginning by the end of 2013.

Excalibur 421 Specifications and Descriptions – Preliminary Data
General Aircraft Dimensions
Overall Height11 ft 6 in3.49 m
Overall Length36 ft 5 in11.09 m
Wingspan w/Winglets44 ft 4 in13.51 m
Cabin Height4 ft 5 in1.32 m
Cabin Length15 ft 7 in4.75 m
Cabin Width4 ft 7 in1.39 m
Seating Capacity6+2
Two Pratt & Whitney Engines (Turboprop)PT6A-135A
Horsepower833 ESHP (Flat Rated to 475 SHP)
Hartzel Q-Tip Propeller, Three-bladed
Design Weights & Capabilities
Gross Weight7,700 lbs
Max. Landing Weight7,400 lbs
Max. Payload1,980 lbs
Max. Fuel Capacity330 U.S. gal
Max. Speed327 kts376 mph
High Cruise Speed300 kts345 mph
Long Range Cruise280 kts322 mph
Max. Range (with IFR Reserves)1,420 nm
Rate of Climb3,800 fpm
Rate of Climb – Engine Out1,050 fpm
Service Ceiling30,000 ft
Service Ceiling – Engine Out20,000 ft

Unprecedented Gathering of Aviation Industry Veterans Unite to Launch The Aviation Alliance, LLC, Turbine Aircraft Remanufacturing Venture

Highly regarded executives from business and military aviation have joined forces to offer remanufactured, modernized turbine-powered aircraft to the aviation and defense industries. The new enterprise, The Aviation Alliance, LLC will evaluate and select aircraft models to modify and act as general manager/contractor throughout the various modernization programs.

The Aviation Alliance team currently includes the following executives and organizations:

  • Jack Pelton , Managing Director Operations; former Chairman and CEO of Cessna Aircraft
  • Colin Judge , Managing Director Production; former VP of Flight Environments; VP of The Jet Center, Van Nuys, Calif.
  • Maj. Gen. Doug Pearson , USAF (ret.), Managing Director Flight Operations; formerly Commanding General of Edwards Air Force Base; VP Director of Flight Test for Lockheed Martin F-35 program
  • Tom Nixon , Chief Engineer; former Chief Engineer of Sensor Systems; American Aviation Industries; Volpar
  • Corey Schlossmann , Managing Director Finance; former Senior Tax Partner at Price Waterhouse; Partner at Gordon, Fishburn & Schlossmann, LLC
  • Geoff Miller , Managing Director Administration/Marketing; former Founder and CEO of American Aviation Industries
  • Aircraft Technical Service/Ventura Aerospace, one of the largest independent aviation/aerospace engineering firms in the country. Responsible for design, certification, flight test programs and liaison with the FAA.
  • Capital Aviation, long established and well-thought-of completion center that will be designing, fabricating and installing new interiors and paint.
  • Oklahoma Jet Center, highly regarded facility that will be tasked with new powerplant and related system installations.
  • Clay Lacy Aviation, the most experienced and respected operator and manager of corporate aircraft in the country. The Lacy organization will house and operate the demonstrator aircraft. Retail sales will also be organized through their operation.

Jack Pelton , former chairman and CEO of Cessna Aircraft, who is acting as managing director of operations said, “We’ve assembled a who’s-who of aviation leaders and resources on this team to ensure both our mutual success and our customers’ satisfaction. We’re optimistic about the business and proud to announce our first offering.”

About The Aviation Alliance, LLC
The Aviation Alliance, LLC manages various programs that remanufacture, modernize and market aircraft that then rival or exceed new-aircraft performance, safety and reliability, at a fraction of the cost. The Aviation Alliance are program managers for Excalibur & Fanstream Conversions, 335 Santa Bella, Paso Robles, CA 93446 (805) 237-2888.

SOURCE Aviation Alliance, LLC


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