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Best oil change in Paso Robles 

Lisa Marrone, owner of The Mobile Oil Changers, is building the Foundation for Natural Disaster Relief, based in Paso Robles. Photo by Paula McCambridge.

The best oil change services in Paso Robles

Here are some of the oil change places I have tried over the years:


They were all satisfactory, but even under the best circumstances it seemed like it always took more than an hour to leave the office and get back. That was my lunch hour. I decided to try a service that came to me instead. I called the Mobile Oil Changers and ask for an appointment to have my oil changed here at my Paso Robles office. Lisa came to service my SUV and was fast affordable and efficient. If you are short on time, like I am, I think you will appreciate her service.

Where should I get my oil changed?

That’s what I was wondering when I first moved to town. If you are searching for the best oil change in Paso Robles, here are some things to take into consideration.

  • Location – Make it close or have them come to you!
  • Convenience – It better not take too long, right?
  • Services Provided – A good service looks over your entire vehicle – fluids, air pressure, wipers, etc.
  • Price – Ask for a discount, special or a coupon.
  • Motor Oil types – Make sure they are using a reliable brand.
  • People – Life is too short for a grumpy mechanic.

Online reviews of Mobile Oil Changers

Review by Patricia G.
The Mobile Oil Changers (MOB) have maintained my car for the past year. I use my car for business so it is critical that it is in top condition. The MOB is there to make sure that the oil and all other required fluids are fresh and doing their respective jobs. They also check tires and break pads, including your spare tire. I will continue to use The MOB for my oil changing needs!

Review by Graham Mankey
Last week we called up Lisa because we needed the oil changed on our pickup. I was pleasantly surprised with how thorough she was with her inspection, and it wasn’t just in an attempt to sell me on upgrades or replacement parts like most chain stores. My father is a mechanic, and although that does not mean that I know much about cars, I have been taught what to be cautious of with “sales” types. Lisa is very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.

Review by David R.
Lisa, at Mobile Oil Changers gave me the type of service that I haven’t experienced in many years. I love the fact that she came to my car and spent a considerable amount of time going over my car with “a fine toothed comb”. I couldn’t believe how low my bill was after the significant amount of time that was spent on my car. I will always use The Mobile Oil Changers!

Review by Nicolette H
They do a great job for me… I can stay at my office, being productive while my oil is being changed… Way cool.. Friendly service. They even call me to let me know when it is time for my next service! Can you say… No Brainer! I have better things to worry about than when it is time to change my oil. Just saying…

For complete Paso Robles auto repair, call Auto Limits Auto Repair at (805) 239-2288.

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